The first Amusement Park / Reality TV Show / Interactive Web Series every!

We've take a rundown poor town and moved all of it's occupants in a new apartment complex. Everything is paid for in exchange for there services as professional zombies.

A Few square miles of abandoned single family homes, diners, gas stations, and stores. Not completely abandoned though. Turn the wrong corner and you'll encounter zombies.
In groups or on your own spend up to a week fending for yourselves in this zombie infested town. Experience the zombie apocalypse first hand.
Available packages options:
    -1-7 day packages
    -1-7 bite packages 
    -Unlimited bites package available
    -Group rate discounts

-Each participant will be given a rechargeable flashlight and 2 melee weapons at the start. A foam knife and a foam machete. 
-An Airsoft m92fs pistols will also be given at the start (with 1 full magazine) and full instruction on how to use them. Ammunition, magazines, gas, etc. will be hidden in most houses and buildings along with canned food and bottled water.
-Zombies fall with a strike or shot to the head. Anything else will only disable their limbs. They will act accordingly. i.e. A zombie with a shot leg will limp.
-There will be 1 zombie supervisor with each horde who will control the horde's movement and be in constant contact with headquarters.
-Zombies will not run nor climb. When killed, after 5 minutes they will get up and act as a different zombie.
-Participants are aloud to bring a book bag (provided by Zombietown) with as much food, etc. as they can carry. 
-Participants will remove all personal belongings except their shoes and undergarments before being given Zombietown coveralls and the above listed items.
-Participants will be given 2 pairs of coveralls. 1 black and 1 tan. Black indicates that you do not want to be approached by others (you are invisible). Tan means that you're willing to join a group.
    -The unused overalls will be kept in the cellphone locker in case a user chooses to change his/her experience in Zombietown.
-No Cell phones aloud. Customers will keep their cell phones in a locker in a locker room in the center of town (supervisor at door). Spend as much time as you need in the locker room. Return cell phones to exit.
-There will be a tipped over cone on every porch. If that cone is standing up, that house is occupied by either staff restocking items or another team that does not want to be disturbed. DO NOT ENTER.
    -Every house will have at least one can of food, flashlight charger ports, and one can of green gas (for the pistols) (charger and gas are not to be removed). Some houses will have the following: Microwaves, Airsoft pistols, melee weapons.
Every Zombie you encounter will be purposeful, documented, and monitored. 
-Zombies will have a piece of double sided tape on their chest. When pressed up against a customer it will stick to them and act as a bite. The zombie supervisor will document that and the customer then has 24 hours to live.
    -Supervisor will give the option to purchase more time.
    -If no time is purchased, wherever he/she is in 24 hours a horde will take over the area and they will not survive (the same applies for people who's time is up).
        -dying customer can choose to tell their group that they are going to be overrun the next day or not.
-A Key Fob bracelet will be put on all participants. Online spectators can click on a participants name and follow them online. The camera closes to a participant will be activated automatically. 
    -Cameras will be in every room except the bathrooms and the locker room.
        -Bathrooms are fully functional

-Each participant will be searched for anything that could hurt an employee of Zombietown.
-The zombies are paid actors who have to go home from work just like you. All melee weapons will be foam and provided by Zombietown before entry.
-Do not assault or shoot at other teams/participants. If your paths cross, you can choose to work together. Any hostility will result in a removal and a lifetime ban.
-No hand to hand combat aloud AT ALL!
-Video surveillance will be monitored and recorded 24 hours a day.
-Any customer who caused injury to a Zombietown employee will be banned for life.
-Wrist bands must be worn at all time so we can monitor the heart rate, location, etc. of all participants.
-The "safety word" is Mississippi. When you yell it, all zombies will drop and the game is over for you. No refund. i.e. if you paid for a week and can't handle the pressure after the first hour. Game over no refund (6 month ban from park)

*large groups will result in "multiply hordes strategical strikes" coordinated by supervisors and headquarters.
*Camps can attack other camps. No shots are to be fired at another customer. If so you will be ejected (6 month ban from park). If you are at gunpoint, give up your good and move on.
    -Before a team strikes they must let a supervisor know. That supervisor will hide some guns in the nearby houses for disarmed participants. 

*Video backstory: More signs