--I got an envelope in the mail today with no return address. When I opened it there was a picture. On the back of a picture it read “this is from you 5 years from now, this is your life”. When I flipped the picture over it was a picture of me looking 5 years older than I am now. It was so surreal that it made my stomach turn. I was in the pool area of what appeared to be a mansion. Plasma’s everywhere, and a bar area on the side... I was ripped and I had a six pack as I stood there barefoot in my swimming trunks. My kids were both there, healthy and looking 5 years older than they do now. Both of my parents were there and several other family members were in the background enjoying themselves and all looking 5 years older than they are now. I was happy and so was everyone else in the picture. I've never given time travel too much thought but the picture was too good to be a fake. The overwhelmingly comforting feeling this picture gave me made me seriously consider accepting the fact that this was indeed a gift from the future me. At this point in my life I was in danger of losing my job, my bank account what's the ugliest it had ever been, and life just seem to be spiraling downward out of control. My daily stress level was absurd. But this one picture changed everything! None of that seem to matter anymore. My job, the bills, how every thing’s going to work out, none of that bothered me anymore. Over the next few days the random thoughts of debt and hard times would pop in but all I have to do is think of that picture or look at it. It was truly a godsend. My daily stress level dropped dramatically all because of that picture.

Reading this story you should instantly be able to feel how it would feel to be in that situation. And in putting yourself in that persons shoes you should begin to imagine how you would feel if you have that same pic from a future you. Whatever problems you have in life right now just don't seem so important anymore because you know that 5 years from now you're going to have what everyone wants. Financial stability and good health for you and your family. So why wait for a picture to come in the mail. The emotions you had while looking at that picture in your mind were sent out throughout the universe and move you closer to that reality just as a real picture would. So you don’t actually need a real picture from the future to do this whenever you want. And I suggest you do it as often as possible. This imaginary picture that you have in your mind is perhaps the most powerful tool you have in your life. Trust me, if not just use common sense. Yes, having the picture would send out a stronger signal/emotion. But we both know that you felt something just picturing it. And we both know there’s not point in waiting by the mail for that special envelope.

--Taking a step further, a few days later I received another envelope in the mail with no return address. When I open the it there was another picture in it. On the back of the picture it said “this is you a month from now”. In the picture I looked the same as I do now however I was wearing the clothes that I window shop for online. Glasses, shirt, pants, and shoes all Gucci. The outfit was well over a couple thousand dollars. I had just gotten out of a yellow Lamborghini that had my name on the license plate. And the crowd in the background, that was being held back by security, looked happy and excited as they snapped there cameras. 

Having previously put yourself in the writers shoes, hearing this story should prompt the same emotions as before but amplified 10 fold due to the time frame. This thought is so overwhelming that it’s almost hard to deal with. It provides a sense of excitement knowing that within the next month something is going to happen that will change the course of your life forever, for the better.  

Not everyone wants a Lamborghini and an ocean of fans so you can fill in these pictures with whatever you want. I encourage you to do this as often as possible. These days it’s harder than ever to look around you and find something positive to mentally hold on to. So don't. Rely on you mind. Your thoughts are everything. Knowing your future creates your future. Expecting failure manifest failure. If a month goes by and you don’t get what you want, don't give up. There WILL be another month. Patients and dedication are the key to the lock on the door of your dreams. If your dream is something you will eventually give up on, like a pony, it will never be realized. 

The more willing you are to take it to your grave + The more you realistically truly expect it to happen = How fast and if you get it. 
Point blank.....

Your Future in a Frame