As parents we'll do anything for our children. I've seen sons and daughters lie, cheat, and steel from their parents and forgiveness is just around the corner. We love our kids sooo much and they hold such a special part of our hearts that we can't stay mad at them for long. Even in extreme situations were a daughter takes here mothers boyfriend or vice versa the love is still there. And forgiveness is usually just one conversation/apology away. Sometimes that conversation never happens due to stubbornness or whatever but that doesn't negate the fact that forgiveness was so close. And that's because of the love involved between a parent and their child.

Now with a love this strong, what is the one thing people will let get in the way? Religion! Quickly and easily. How many people have died because of their religion. How many wars have been fought?. 
*This is emotionally inspired by a man who disowned his cancer patient son for looking into another religion because he started to loose faith and saw something else that made more since to him.

Are you trying to tell me that your child can lie, cheat, and steel from you, do almost anything and eventually be forgiven. But if they don't worship 100% what you worship you can just deem them as "going to hell" and treat them like a red headed step child. Even worse this book you so blindly worship has documented (public records) proof that it was molded and forged by the same slimy politicians and world leaders that you blame all the worlds problems on. SERIOUSLY!!! That's what you let ruin you and your child's relationship. Even in the bible by your night stand it clearly states that Jesus wanted people to venture out and explore different beliefs and draw their own conclusions. But you curse your children for doing just that. Actually pick up the book and read it if you're going to turn all "Churchy" on us and start judging people. Doesn't it also say that only God can judge. 

I've never seen such hypocrisy, stupidity, and laziness in my life. Lazy for not doing the research. If you don't want to do the research just keep reading my website, I've done it all for you. 

BE A BETTER PARENT!! How can you disown your child?


Religion is the most powerful thing around. Because nobody actually knows where we come from and what happens after we die, we hold onto the most solid or most popular answers we can find. And the religions we know of are exactly that. The most popular. So we pick one and hold on. And every drop of energy we put into the religion we believe in makes us more prone to stand by it no matter what. Because no one wants to find out that they've invested so much time and energy into a false cause. Everybody makes bad investments from time to time. Don't disown your loved ones because you can't admit to yourself that you've been pouring your energy into a "bad investment". 

A guy buys a house and keeps sinking money into it fixing it up to sell it. 
    =This equals picking a religion and putting time and effort into following it.
Years later some of the people around the guy tell him that the neighborhood is going south, and the market is down. Basically that he's in a bad investment.
    =This is equal to someone telling you that your religion is wrong, or false. Or me writing about the world leaders writing the bible as they saw fit.
The investor gets mad, feels offended, and goes through denial because he/she refuses to believe that they've wasted that much time and effort into the house.
    =The religious buff gets mad, feels offended, and goes through denial because he/she refuses to believe that they've wasted their lives following a false since of the world around them.
            And that's what amplifies the anger and denial 10 fold! One scenario involves a house which can be replaced. The other involves that persons life. What they've believed in since they were little, how they view the world around them, and what they believe will happen to them when they die.  

Now that we understand why we do it, let's fix it. If you disown someone because they believe in something else, you're lost. And stupid for not seeing the error in your ways!

*Are you trying to tell me that only one of these groups got it right and the rest will burn in hell for all eternity? smh

The top 2 things Jesus preached about are how everyone should explore different religions and use what feels right for them, and that we all have the same divine power as him we just have to learn how to use it.

"You're going to hell"