Q. Why should I trust more? Everyones been screwed in their lifetime, each time making our ability to trust even harder. And why could being guarded hurt?

Trusting people is a lot easier than you think. And a lot more productive to your happy future. This is a principal that has taken me to the next level. When you're expecting to get hurt or screwed over, that's what's going to happen. Giving your energy and attention to getting hurt or screwed over will only produce getting hurt or screwed over (refer to video).

This is how I see it and I suggest you do the same. Lets say i'm in a relationship. Having complete blind faith in that persons monogamy is amazingly refreshing. I could either worry about it and make up fake scenarios in my head thus manifesting a piss poor future, or just have faith that God put them in my life for a reason and it is without a doubt a good reason. Some relationships don't work out. If my significant other and I do not make it, for whatever reason, then that is exactly what was meant to happen. I can't argue with that. To argue with that would be to argue with God's plan. Plus having faith in that person and your abilities to manifest good or great situations, relationships, and experiences into you life will only manifest great situations, relationships, and experiences into your life. As I always say, I lead by example. All of these principals I have tried inside and out and tested thoroughly. This one is so full proof that I live my whole life by it. I lay all my cards on the table and know that I got this. An extremely paranoid person said I was stupid for doing so. I read his FB post about how he continues to get screwed over repeatedly, where my business and personal relationships are better now than at any other point in my life. In addition to me literally manifesting trustworthy people into my life, I've noticed a lot of new faces trusting me with the most intimate details of their lives. It takes a while to get use to. Some of us have been screwed over really bad in our lives. Just remember 3 things. 
1. Not trusting someone hurts. That feeling you get when your running those crazy non-existing scenarios is pain. And it's unnecessary.
2. Not trusting someone manifests reasons not to trust someone (Take responsibility, stop blaming others).
3. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. If your spouse cheats and you break up, that's how it was written. Go with it. It's all part of the plan. It may hurt, but the "everything happens for a reason" mentality can work wonders when taken seriously. "NOT WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT", for all you people who think everything happens for a reason until something bad happens SMH. Everything that happens, is exactly how it was written. In order for you to exist God is giving you his attention. The attention God gives you is like money. Spend it on what you want, but whatever you choose to spend it on will come at you like you ordered it off of eBay.  

Why Trust More