The other day while doing my mental work I noticed an uncanny commonality between to very important topics. 

1. When you attempt to meditate and clear your mind of all thoughts it's not long before a "seemingly" random thought pops into your head. If you're not discipline enough you'll actually allow it to play out for a few seconds before you catch it, realize that that's the total opposite of what you're attempting to do (meditate), and clear your mind/restart again. 
    *I say seemingly because it's a proven fact that the "random" thoughts that pop into your head aren't random at all. The brain is a muscle. It has muscle memory and it will throw at you whatever thoughts it's use to throwing at you. 

2. If you talk to God (or whoever you believe created you and is creating the world around you as you go) that conversation will last the same amount of time as attempting to clear your mind during meditation. You'll either get ashamed for some reason, you'll feel like you're being disrespectful for speaking directly to him, or you'll think something that you feel guilty for thinking while conversating directly to him, etc the list goes on. But the fact of the matter is that as soon as you begin to think about the disrespect, or guilt, etc. you're no longer in a conversation with God. You are now debating with yourself. 
Try it! 
Right now look up at God, block everything else out of you life and mind, and say "Hi". Most people on the planet do not spend a lot of time speaking directly with God (only when they need something or are preying for something) so this new practice of just "catching up" seems foreign. Most people will feel immediately like a peasant in medieval times would feel talking to a king. You almost want to look at the ground in shame as if you're not good enough to be speaking directly to God and you instinctively want to say as little as possible. Part of that is because God is such a mystery to humans and we don't want to do or say something wrong. Everyone knows that no matter how religious you are if you were to be put into a room with God you wouldn't know what to say and how to act because you're religion could have gotten the whole thing wrong. As long as that's a possibility, its a fear no matter how deep rooted it is. Most people are born into a religion and just stay there cause people naturally hate change. Especially in a core/life long belief. Nobody wants to find out that they've been wrong their whole life. People will avoid that shock to the system at all cost. More people have died on this planet over religion than any other subject. 

Because of all these reasons (and many more) talking directly to God stirs up so many different types of emotions that within a few seconds you're no longer talking to him. You're over analyzing yourself. Once you've realized that you've totally abandoned the conversation you can easily jump back in but the same thing will happen repeatedly after a few seconds.

My thing is this.... Thoughts become things. This has already been proven scientifically. You can argue that science isn't everything, but the things that science has proven to exist like gravity, the 3rd law of motion, etc. you'd be stupid to deny. Jump in the air and you'll come back down in the right gravity ie. Earth's gravity. And what you focus on the most in your life will grow in your life. 
Everything in life has 2 sides. Opposites. The future has the past, tall has short, male has female. Even an atom has a top and a bottom. Everything has duality except time. The future's opposite is the past but the present is something of its own. It has no opposite. So when you're thinking about future events, you're manifesting like events into your future. When you're thinking about past events, you're manifesting like event's into your future. But when you're present, that's when you're letting God's plan unfold. And God's plan for you is way bigger than you could ever imagine. That's one of the few things that all religions have in common. To be present is to let God's plan unfold.

So staying present is a direct connection with God. And talking directly to God like he/she (whichever you prefer) is actually standing on the other side of your roof listening is obviously a direct connection with God. And in doing both you are forced/pulled away within seconds and lead elsewhere. Now there are some monks who can hold the meditation connection for longer periods of time. The brain is a muscle, as I mentioned earlier, and it can be conditioned to do things for longer periods of time with practice. And it will grow weaker without practice. Like the old saying goes "a body in motion stays in motion". That's referring to muscle memory. So those monks are conditioned to hold the "stillness" for longer but rest assure the the "random" thoughts popping into their heads are still coming they're just less frequent. And they're just being identified and shooed away like an annoying bug quicker and with more ease due directly to the monk's practice and discipline.

I don't believe in coincidence. I never did even as a child. And these 2 being linked together in so many different ways is simply too much for me to ignore. And you shouldn't either. 
I'll be investigating further. And you know I'll keep you posted. ‚Äč

Why are we forced away