Everything in life starts with a seed. Babies, plants, ideas, etc. When I talk about "watering the seed" I'm referring to the seed planted when you first have a new thought or idea. Careers for example. The first time you think to yourself "I want to be a ________", a seed has been planted. You can either water that seed with positivity, or negativity. There is no in between. Each thought you have about that seed/career is clouded with everything you know about that career and how others, who have attempted to get that, have done. Every statistic about that career, and everything you've ever done that has anything to do with that career literally shapes the emotions that accompany that thoughts about it. Those thoughts get sent out throughout the universe and "water the seed" that was initially planted. What you water the seed with will always undoubtably determine the outcome.

Advertising for example: A burger commercial comes on TV. I look at that cheeseburger and say "I want that cheeseburger". I know that I currently can afford that cheeseburger. I know with all my might that it wouldn't be that big of a struggle to obtain it. In fact, I'm so confident that I can say that the cheeseburger is already mine. I've gotten so many of them in the past that this one is nothing. Then it comes to me easily, and I'm not surprised. I have uncanny confidence about this point and that's why it comes to me so easy. 
Now, if I was to see a doctor on TV and say "I want to become a doctor", that would not at all be the same. My judgement about that is completely clouded. Time, effort, school work, "ain't nobody got time for that (lol)". Studying, memorizing, test scores, am I up for that? I'm no spring chicken either! All those hours studying, then after graduation working long hours, I'd rather be with my family..... All those things and more instantly pop into my mind. So no matter how confident I sound when I sit here and say "I'm gonna become a doctor", the thoughts I'm sending out (the watering of the seed) is clouded with doubt. So what am I really watering the seed with. Negativity. Only the strong survive. Those who knew they could do it, and were ready to die for it, are the ones who made it. 60,000 thoughts a day for however many years it takes to become a doctor is a lot of watering of that seed. Some of them might not seem that confident, but deep down inside they knew it all along. And they made it. 

Every single thought you have is either planting a seed or watering one. Mostly watering. What seeds will you water today?

What do you mean when you say "Watering the seed"?