But back to the point. If “Bad” and “Evil” was created from the the realm of nonexistence (which it obviously was cause everything that exist was created from that realm, and good and evil definitely exist), then how could it possibly rival, quarrel, or even attempt to overthrow the realm that created it (or God). It’s the realm of nonexistence that cannot be described cause there’s nothing there to describe! If bad triumphs over good then that’s just what happens sometimes. That's just one thing that God (or the quantum field) created overthrowing another. But to think that there is a source, in existence, that can combat and possibly overthrow God in the slightest way is not only blasphemy (if you want to get all churchy about it lol), but when you think about it, it doesn’t make since. There's nothing for that evil to go against, hence the phrase "nonexistence that all that exist is created from". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this. You just have to step back from the rat race that we call normal every day living and think about it.  

So forget about the "Devil" and "Demon" and more importantly stop blaming your problems on them. If they do exist, then they were created from the same source as you and I. And anything on the right/white side of that picture (above), is on my level, and I have a fair chance to beat it if need be. And when it comes to winning or loosing, I fight to the death. And if it did go south, then thats just what was meant to happen. And I'm good with that. You know why? Cause there isn't/wasn't/wouldn't be anything I could do about it anyway lol. If that's how it was written, then that's how it was written. So like they say, there's nothing to fear but fear itself. 

"But Neo, I believe we have freedom of choice".... True, but we knew what choices we would make when we wrote this story ;-)

*I've gotten a lot of feedback from this page, and it seem like the elders, who have voiced their opinion, mostly had the same (negative) reaction to it. I'll address them all like this:
-I know most older people are stuck in their ways/beliefs, etc. Most hate being taught by someone younger, and there not going to be very receptive to this kind of talk. But regardless of what you say or think, I just made God look more untouchable, unbeatable, and perfect than you've ever thought in your whole life. Before this page was created, in your minds, there was a struggle between good and evil that God might one day lose. Now using a bit of common since, I've actually proven to myself and others that that's just not the case. If something like good or evil crosses over from not existing to existing, then how can it turn around an defeat the realm/source that it was born from.

So which one is it?
A. Does it make you mad that this makes total since as opposed to the "blind faith based" information that you've been taught and believed in for most of your life.
B. Do you like thinking that evil could one day defeat God/good
C. Perhaps the complexion of the messenger of this message doesn't quite meet your standards. 
D. Or does it bother you more that someone else, younger than you, is making you question your beliefs.
E. All of the above 

I'll end this section by saying these 3 things:
-The only thing constant is change
-Unanimously ever elder who loved this info just so happen to be super rich (R. Simmons- rich in all areas of life). Millionaires who spend their days doing what they want, when they want with no financial, mental, or physical restrain what so ever. The haters, lets just say, they don't lol. And that is and always has been my fuel to keep on going.

-YOU'LL COME AROUND ;-)    I still got nothing but love for you. And thanks for the attention/energy.

FB Post: Personally, I like believing that there's no evil (entity), there's only God and what I create. Cause then it's like "why would I create evil? I'm only going to create good from now on". I guess thats why life has been so good since I made that choice.

Side note: Anything that exist, ANYTHING, is on the light side. Which means it was created by the same thing that created you, me, and all of our toys (houses, cars, etc.). I’ve had a hell of a time manifesting those toys, and others, in to my life on demand. Creating from that dark realm, or quantum field, what I see fit. Toys and experiences alike. A bit of patients is required, but you learn to just deal with that lol. Click here to return to your spot on the philosophy page

Think of the black as nonexistence. And the White as things that exist.

The black is the non-existing side. Every thing that exist is created from this side then eventually dies/returns to it. Sound familiar. The bible uses that description when talking about God. The source from which all things that exist are created from and die to. So at first there was just darkness, pure nonexistence. Then “God” said let there be light. In doing so he created duality of all kinds. First being that actual light that opposes the darkness which equalled/represented the new found existence that was opposite nonexistence. 

On the “light”/existing side, there is it’s own sets of dualities: Good and evil, male female, etc. that exist not following each other but within each other like in a combined oneness that could be hard to comprehend. It’s like trying to explain how 2 things existed in the same place at the same time. It seems impossible, but on the quantum level, it’s quite common. 

Lets talk about God for a second. 
Refer to this picture below. 

Understanding God