Worked Security for a Mall and a Hospital (worked with mental patients).
Dancer for Club Singer “Wendy” in South Jersey Clubs “Metropolis”, and “The Milk Bar”.
Studied and instructed Iron Cobra Karate from 1989 till current.
Studied several other styles of karate: Brazilian Copoeira, Tai Quan Dao, Jujutsu, Boxing, and Kickboxing.
Played Semi-Pro Football for the Voorhees Vikings.
High School Athlete Track and Football (Team Captains in both).

Characters Roles Played while a Police Officer:
Homeless: Homeless person living on the streets, Lookout for drug dealers, drug abuser.
Criminal: Ghetto/Thug type criminal, Drug dealer, low and high level. Hustler, Thief, Burglar, Robber, etc.
Dirty/Crooked Cop: Narcotics Police Officer/Detective who is more loyal to the criminal empire than to the badge and shield. Deep cover experience.
Patrolman: Local Beat cop. Dealing with domestics, low level drug trafficking, small crimes etc.
Detective: Glorified Patrolman. Suite and tie desk cop. No real street experience (can be intimidated easily).
Narcotics Detective: Undercover/Plain Clothes operations.
SWAT Team Officer: SWAT team member, or Team Leader. Team Sniper.
Father: Father of daughter and/or son. Comedic and/or dramatic.
Rapper: Low end/High end

Other Character Roles:
Detective with SWAT team: SWAT experience and the brains to solve the tough case.
Athlete: All around athlete: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Bowling, etc.
Weight Trainer: Any position associated with a GYM.
Karate: Any athlete associated with Karate (good with weapons).
Security Officer or Supervisor.
Government Agent.
Military Soldier: Any rank, during battle, under pressure.
Ring Fighter: UFC Fighter, Boxer, Kick Boxing
Drug Abuser: “crack head”, “geezer”


Police officer in Camden City Police Department From 2003 till 2010.
While there I work in Patrol Division, Detective Bureau, Bicycle Patrol, Supplemental Patrol (Plain Clothes), Training Unit, Information Technology, and the SWAT Team.
Guidon Carrier in the Police Academy.
A Certified Firearms Instructor with the Police Training Commission.
Received Training Certifications for the following courses: Methods of Instructions Course, Firearms Instructors Course, Police Bicycle Patrol, Spanish for Law Enforcement Course, Effective Writing, Alcohol Beverage Control Seminar, Auto Theft & Investigation Course, Courtroom Testimony course, Basic Course for Police Officers, Fundamentals of Policing, and more.
Specialize in foot chases and all SWAT Team activities.
Sponsored paintball team champion. Featured on the cover of a paintball magazine.
Expert on Skates, Snowboards and with Skis.