This moment is literally everything. This is one of, if not the most important, thing that we as people need to acknowledge as often as possible. I want you reading this to do me a favor. On my command, I want you to take a mental time stamp picture of the back of your hand and the environment around it. In other words, look at the back of your hand and when I say now, freeze and take in the moment as it is. Ready? I want you to really take in this moment right.... NOW! Ok, now flip your hand around to where you're looking at the front of it and do the same. Really take in this moment with your palm facing you right....... NOW! Here is the reason why I had you do that. Both moments were experienced in what we referred to as this moment. You can literally say the word now a hundred times in a row and each time it will be in this moment. It will definitely seem like a hundred different moments, but at the same time you'll know that each time you said now, it was in this same moment. Everything that has ever happened to you and everything that ever will happen to you will be in this moment. Not in your future, and not in your past. In fact, there's no physical evidence that a past or a future exist. Just previous memories of things that have happened in this moment, and guesses at what could also happen in the upcoming moments. This point is so important yet not thought of by over 98% of the people on the planet. 
Giving your attention to and worshipping a possible future is not only pointless but harmful. We as people should never make this moment just the means to an end. If you want to proactively manifest your future, then you absolutely must see that dream house or car as if it's here now. This is the reasoning behind Mark 11:24. See it as if it is, and it will be. When you're thinking about the future or your past, whatever the experience, you're attracting that experience (or one that causes the same feeling) to yourself again. That is why I refer to them as proactively manifesting our futures. So if thinking about the past and the future is us manifesting our lives, when can Gods plan for us unfold? During the present. Which just so happens to be the only real time frame we've ever experienced. It's no coincidence that at the end of every single day dream, we snap back to this moment. It's where we were meant to be. It's where we belong. And it's where we lets Gods plan for us unfold. Living in the moment can truly better your life. If you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plan. His plan is bigger and better than yours. Im not saying to live for the moment, clear out your bank accounts and put it all on black. I'm just saying the next time your with your kids, stop for a moment. Look around. You're breathing and so are they which honestly is reason enough to have a party so take it in. As often as possible count your blessings. Some parents would give the world to hear there child's voice one more time. The best time to do this with your kids is when your upset with them. It will instantly change yours and their mood. Besides, thinking about how upset or disappointed you are at them will only lead to you manifesting and feeling that same feeling again in the near future. Thinking about how blessed you are to just be there with them is a MUCH better thing to manifest into your future, wouldn't you agree. This applies to everyone and everything in your life. All of these concepts work in perfect harmony with each other and when used properly, and as often as possible, will produce a better more positive life with a better outlook on everything. Which just manifest more "better". 

The Dream