Since we were in our mothers womb we've been restricted by limitations. We could only move so much and when we got out we could only reach so far. Another one of those restrictions is where we can see. And this subject gets deep so read with an open mind. You don't know it all and neither do I. But I stand by facts, not what i've been spoon fed to believe and follow blindly without real reason. 

To understand the rest of this page you have to open your mind and understand that if you're in a room with no windows, there is literally nothing on the other side of those walls except possibilities. You might say "I know exactly whats on the other side of that wall" and when you open the door you'll be proven right. Your literally "shining your light on it". But until you open the door it's just possibilities. A dark blank slate ready to be written upon. The best part about this "radical idea" is that science has already proven this to be 100% correct. As a matter of fact the walls you're looking at aren't real either. When you push against them what you're feeling is a magnetic push opposing your hand with the exact resistance you would expect the wall to give you (from years of previous experiences with walls). Brick provides more resistance than sheet rock. And science has already proven that to. When you look at your hand, or anything that exist, with a powerful enough microscope you'll just see vibrating energy waves moving in and out of existence. 

So every room you enter there are walls that you can't see through. What's on the other side? Just possibilities. The next question I get is "What about when you're outside?" Take away the words "being outside" and you're just in a really big box with a pretty blue top/sky (or black at night time). Regardless of anything the sky is just the next barrier blocking you from seeing past it like the walls in a room. The ground/floor is the same thing. There has to be a barrier stopping you from seeing everything. Otherwise there would be no "unknown". 

Just like there's night and day, and male and female, there is the physical world in which we touch and see with our eyes open. And a non-physical world (aka the mental world) in which we see with our eyes closed, and feel with our emotions. Both can seem just as real. The study of the "2 worlds" can be found here. But I want to talk about how we're designed. From our eyesight we can see everything in front of us but not behind us. Sure you can look at the back of your legs and arms but we'll never see our back or the back of our head first hand. Not without some device like a mirror to help us. And when we reach back there to feel the back of our heads we're shining our "light" on it (giving it our energy/attention) and we'll always feel exactly what we expect to feel when we reach back there. The back of our heads. Just like when you open the door to leave a room. You whole heartedly know the hallway is going to be there. You expect it to be there with every fiber in your being. Just like losers fear their next loss cause they KNOW it's coming. Just like broke people expect bad times. Truly confident people (sometimes arrogant) seem to predict their outcomes, and most middle class workers KNOW their stuck and that they can't go further. 

I kinda fell of the subject a little lol but the point is that manifesting poverty, a win, or whatever into your life follows the same principals as everything else. Whatever you shine your light on will grow. Whatever you give your attention to will grow in your life and the more confidence you have in it, or the more your subconscious expects it to be real, it will be. A car could take years to manifest in to your life. But what's on the other side of the door can't take years, it has to be here when you open the door. So it makes perfect since that your expectations of the hallway being there when you open the door is significantly higher than your expectations to get a new Lexus as a free gift from the universe (like a prize or a gift from a dead uncle). 

*Side note: if anyone ever tells you that they know what they truly expect deep down inside or that they know exactly what their subconscious wants, just know that they have no clue what the subconscious is or how it works. It's one of the only things about ourselves that we are and will forever be disconnected from. We have to be disconnected from it. I can flash you a paragraph on a business card for less than a second and you won't know what it says. But your subconscious registered every word, made since of it and stored it where it needs to be. Your subconscious has perfect record of everything you've ever experienced in your life (seen, touched, felt, tasted, etc.). It has everything cross referenced and categorized in such a perfect way that we can access our opinion of any subject instantly. Years and years of incidents each involving people, places, and things, all put together so when you say John Smith you know exactly how you feel about him. Or maybe someone mentions a business venture that you heard bad things about 15 years ago. You don't remember exactly why it's bad, but you know it's bad. 
Because our subconscious is literally writing our future (rich get richer and poor gets poorer both based on their inner expectations) we can never directly access it. All we can do is use the muscle memory in our brains and fill our day up with as much positivity as possible. If the subconscious is like a memory vault filled with blue drops and red drops each changing the overall color slightly, i'd vote to always try to add as many blue drops (positive thoughts) as possible. Cause changing the overall color of this vault is equal to changing the overall outlook of your subconscious's view on things. Which is changing it's expectation, which is writing your future. 
Unfortunately the same goes for the red drops. 

Now for the meat and grits of this page:
I had a dream which inspired this page. I was in my computer room looking at the ceiling. On the other side of the ceiling was pure darkness. Nothing but infinite possibility. The darkness from which all things are born from and die to. Religion calls it God, science calls it the Quantum Field. But in the darkness I could feel a set of eyes about 4 feet across looking at me and a mouth that was smiling proudly. And without moving, God said to me 2 things at the same time:
1. "Ok, so what are we going to do next?" 
and 2. "What have we done?"
I was confused at first. I could feel my shoulder was in pain (from an injury years ago). I grabbed my shoulder and thought to myself "damn my shoulder hurts". Then God said the 2 things again "Ok… So what are we going to do next" and at the same time "What have we done". I quickly realized that in the spirit of "placing my order with the universe", or "Mark 11:24", or "The 3rd Law of motion", etc. God/The Universe will do whatever he/it has to to make me think those words again at a later time. In other words I just ordered a shoulder ache for sometime in my future. That's not what I wanted to do. I never want to do that! So I quickly looked up and said out loud "Today is the best day ever". God then said to me again "Ok… So what are we going to do next" and "What have we done?" It was like he was waiting for my next order from the "catalog of the universe". Like he was anxiously waiting for his next thing to create for me to experience, like it was his only purpose and he was glad to do it because he knew I was enjoying what I was ordering. I realized that after each thought/order he would only say the same things again. Asking me to show him with my thoughts what we would create together next while having me envision it in a way where it was already done. "What are we going to do next" and " What have we done". At that moment I felt relieved because I knew exactly how to shape my future. And I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Now I knew the shoulder pain would come sooner than later because it's a daily part of my life and I truly expect it to rear it's ugly head into my every day (I know I got to stop that and I'm working on it). But the "Today is the best day ever" was just a happy thought. I've lived such a beautiful life and done so much that gaining the title of "the best day ever" is some big shoes to fill. Let alone the fact that you never really know what tomorrow will bring. So my expectation level was nowhere near as high as the level of the expected shoulder pain. And because of that, the "best day ever" seed that I planted needs to be watered (with more thought). 

Two things I want to mention about God (or whoever it is you believe created you) in this dream.
1. The word "We" stood out to me. I understand my role, it's been my life's work to figure it out. It's just becoming clearer to me how to bring it to my followers. God gives me energy/attention. I give my attention to something or (think a thought), God puts me in a position to think that thought again in the future, good or bad. It doesn't matter. There's a partnership there. We both play a crucial roles. We're both needed to complete this process. And he acknowledged it every time he spoke.
2. He was smiling. No teeth like for a picture, but a proud smile like I give my son. I honestly think he was/is proud of me because I am proud of me. And I'm 100% convinced that those people out there who are doing good but beat themselves up aren't getting smiles. The facial expression will reflect how you feel about yourself. Kinda like looking in a mirror. 
People who behave poorly and truly feel bad about it expect for judgement to come down on them and it does. Whether it be a disappointed look in the mirror or jail time how you truly feel will determine your tomorrow. Confidence breeds reasons to feel confident tomorrow. The same goes for arrogance. The same goes for feeling targeted, picked on, abused, etc. 

Some people don't like to hear it but you can't say that positivity breeds positive outcomes and not think the same about negativity. It's common since. 

Think Inside the Box