I really created this page for myself because life is coming at me so fast that I forget to do the very same exercises that got me to where I am today. But if you can benefit from it, then here it is. Arguably one of the most important pages on my website.

This is a checklist of the most important exercises and techniques I've come up with to improve ones overall life. I know there's a bunch, but isn't your life worth it.

Mind: The peace you have within your normal thoughts
Body: Your physical features and how your thoughts effect them (see water test).
and Soul: How happy or unhappy you are with each and every aspect of your life right now, and the things going on around you daily.

-Take as many deep breaths as you can remember to throughout the day.
    -Deep breaths bring you back to this moment and hold you there for at least a few seconds.

-Stop and smell the roses.
    -Enjoy this moment as often as you can remember to throughout every day.

-Address you maker throughout your day. If you can remember, do it every time you get present.
    -This helps you stay present and there’s something about talking directly to him that solidifies your relationship as close, open, understanding, togetherness (we’re in this together), etc.

-Remember that God is LITERALLY in you like the water that makes up over 80% of your body.
    -Stop for a second, look down at the palms of your hands and just let that thought process for a few seconds. Go ahead and smile, it's ok :-) that's what you're supposed to do.

-Remember that thoughts become things.

-Remember the ENTIRE Universe WANTS you to have that.
    -Every single energy wave in the universe conspired for you to have that. It's not you against the world! It's more like you with the universe at your back pushing you in the direction you choose (with your thoughts).

-Remember to see it as though it already is (Mark 11:24)

-And see it before you do it A LOT. 
    -If that is your future it’ll be all day every day. See it all day every day now. 
        -Thus watering that seed

-"Your future in a frame" exercise.
-5 second mirror (bathroom). Smile!
-Stay positive

-Laugh at least 1 minute each day. Even if you have to sit there and laugh for no reason do it. It may seem silly but it's worth it. 
    -You'd be shocked at the percentage of people who spend less than 1 minutes total smiling and/or laughing each day. 

-Remember to count your blessing as often as possible
    -Thus manifesting more like blessings

-Remember the nanites (ie. the TV show Revolution). Think of the particles that make everything around you to be in your control (like tiny nanite computers) with the time delay (could be months even years). 
    -What you focus on the most, the nanites will create around you (including the slowly failing motor in your car, your depressingly low bank balance, all the success you've been having, how great your relationship is, etc.)

-"Your wish is my command" (from "The Secret")
    -Every single thought you have the universe says "Your wish is my command". 
        -This job sucks… "Your wish is my command"
        -F#@k my life… "Your wish is my command"
        -I'm moving up in the world… "Your wish is my command"
    -NOTE: If thoughts are conflicted (ie. a failing business owner trying to stay positive) the dominate thought will be the outcome. 51% positivity or more is necessary to win.
-Remember to be thankful for all of your victories even the ones that seem ridiculous to count.
    -Thus manifesting more of the “I Won!” feeling.

-Counting: 2 ways to count
    -Thank, you, God, for, this = 5
    -Thank, you, God, for,  (item name)   = 5
    -Thank, you, God, for, coming, to, me, in, this, form = 10
    -One thousand dollars Thank you, two thousand dollars Thank you (used primarily for counting reps during a working out)
        -You have to give some of your focus to money (NOT MONEY PROBLEMS) so it will grow in your life. I know money isn't everything, but you have to feed your kids!!!
    *Important: leave the money out over night and count it again in the morning as you put it away. Stay discipline to this exercise.

-Pre bed ritual lists:
    -Why I’m thankful: Physically write out a list (don't type) of why you're thankful and read it every night before you go lay down. 
    -Who I am: Physically write out a list of who you are and read it before you go to lay down. 
        -ie. A father, a brother, a lover, a friend, a public speaker, a helper, a stylist, a role model, a peace maker, a CEO, a creator, an inventor, a big spender, a big earner, a giver, a getter, a go getter, a thinker, a thanker, etc. 

    *Once again, it's a lot of reading but well worth it. The things you're thankful for and those titles you hold, but wouldn't normally think about, WILL become more and more a part of your daily life. 

-Pre sleep ritual.
    -Today, tonight, tomorrow.
    -Body parts meditation.

The List