My obsession with being able to fix all problems lead me to this one. Weight control. For a lot of people this is their biggest problem. So I started analyzing and this is what I Came up with. The "Neo Diet" or "The All Mental Diet". A large percent of my questions I'll ask, then thank "God" (or "The Universe") for the answer (Mark 11:24). In doing that, this is what I was shown:

Think about it, all actors, models, and the best looking people spend a lot of time in the mirror. Weather they're posing, or going over lines, or just fixing themselves up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, one of my favorite sayings "What you focus on will grow". I noticed that when you focus on something, an object, both positive and negative aspects of it will pop into your mind depending on your past experiences and future expectations. But like past and present, there is a middle,The Now. And while staring at and giving your focus and attention to an object you can either think about the negatives, the positives, or just focus on its existence. So I wanted to try that. Just giving focus to it's existence, and when the negative thoughts kick in, acknowledge them, then get back to just focusing. 

What do I mean by focusing? Picture an empty field of grass, like a large back yard. Now imagine putting a big house in the middle of that back yard and it feels different. Most skeptics will be like "yea cause theres a house there duh", but I'm asking you to go deeper. Of course there's a house there now but the dynamic of the yard has changed. It not only appears different, but it feels different. There is a huge large object there now that didn't exist there in a previous "now". Feel that presence! Be able to focus on the object in front of you, but only on its existence, not the good or bad qualities. 

Now the "Diet"
1st understand this, there is no food, drink, or anything that exist that can make a person overweight. Thats been proven scientifically. Every single overweight person I've said this to took offense to what I said and immediately defended themselves. When I first heard this I was overweight to and had the same reaction. But I knew that I had tried several different ways to diet and they didn't work so I had to keep an open mind. But it is true. The only thing that can make a person overweight, is when there eating, and there constantly thinking "this is gonna make me fatter" etc. Imagine what that statement is doing to your body (Water test). Manifesting fat on top of what you already consider to be fat. It's pure self destruction. 
side note: one way to get around this is to close your eyes while eating. I know it sounds, and feels silly while doing it, but that bite you take is getting your full 100% attention and will not only taste so much better, but if your completely focused on flavor (which brings on how happy you are the be tasting it) you cannot be focused on how fat your going to get. And the food taste so much better lol.

So at 254 lbs, I asked God and thanked him for showing me the way to the body I wanted, and this is what he had me do. 
    1. As often as possible I thanked God for being 235 lbs. I could have said 245 lbs but I wanted to dream bigger/go harder.
    2. I closed my eyes as often as possible when I ate. I know you can't do this for every bite on every meal. So just do it when you can. But the more, the better.
    3. I put a mirror I had laying around the house right next to the TV. Facing myself. On every commercial break I muted the TV, and stared at my existence on the sofa. Nothing more, just the fact that there is a body on the sofa that wasn't there before. And if that body wasn't there right now, the sofa would feel and look completely different (more open). Focus on center mass to. For some reason looking at the face and eyes brings up other thoughts, which can be counter productive. But when your eyes do drift to the face, smile. No matter how you feel about what your looking at, Smile, and hold it.  
    4. Every time I passed a mirror (i.e. going in and out of the bathroom) I took a solid 5 deep breaths to just acknowledge that same presence mentioned in #3. My bodies existence. Which is something to be thankful for. If you weren't here, none of this would apply to you.
Very soon after, I had another doctors appointment. Before the appointment I remember going into and coming out of the bathroom and doing my 5 breath ritual in the mirror. When I got to the doctors, they put me on the scale and it said 234 lbs. I immediately texted everyone in my inner circle and posted it on FB. I was a believer before, but this was another big time confirmation. For years I struggled at 225, most of my adult life. So I decided not to shoot for 225. I practiced the same rituals, but I lowered the number to 215 lbs. A little while passed and I found myself on a scale weighing 217 lbs. Thats exactly what I weighed when I graduated from the police academy. My next goal, was 205 lbs. That's what I weighed when I graduated high school. I don't keep a scale in my house, and I suggest you don't either, but the next time I got on a scale it said 204. I did not want to get skinnier than that but since then I've been fluctuating between 195 and 205 lbs and I'm perfectly fine with that. 
There are a few things I wanted to mention about this story but save them till the end for a reason:
    1. Pardon my French, but I ate like shit. Cheese steaks, and cheeseburgers, anything with fries and cheese etc. I wanted to be able to lose weight and enjoy life. Not eat flavorless grilled chicken salads everyday. That gets old!
    2. No gym, no workouts. I was and still am nursing some serious injuries sustained in the line of duty. My shoulder and knee injuries alone keep me from "working out". And if I had worked out I would not be able to call it "The All Mental Diet". I knew I could do it without any outside influences, and I did. Or should I say "I still do". 
    3. I've kept the weight off since then with no problems. And I can guarantee I've had a burger and fries in the last 48 hours lol.
    4. All of this happened in less than 4 months. I saw cuts in my stomach by the summer time, in my mind, and I didn't let that vision go no matter what I was eating, or what people said. Outside influences are most of the time the worst influences And sadly enough family is usually the last to believe in you. This is your life, your thoughts can only be seen by you and they write your future. So control them. And be careful of what your thinking about/focusing on! (Water test)

side note: My mom says to me: "but those actresses and models hate the way they look". My response: "they know that before they leave that mirror they have to meet their own personal standard. And it's met daily, otherwise they wouldn't leave the mirror. In other words, there happy by the time they leave the mirror. And they know the public will notice. Deep down inside, a supermodel knows she's a supermodel, and that's the deep rooted thought as she focuses on herself in the mirror. Doing hair, makeup, etc. is a creative process. While in the creative process, your focus is on the current moment, not in the past or the future. Staying present, while focusing on your bodies presence/existence is the biggest part to this diet.

-I've seen several "It's all mental" type diets selling for hundreds and they don't even touch on half of what I do on this page and this site. Well here it is, from me to you. Along with my inventions, philosophy, etc.

Try it! I dare you. What have you got to lose? Better yet, what have you got to gain? Mental discipline is the key to it all.

100% success rate, Leave your comments here! I love to hear more success stories. 

FB Post about this diet:
-My diet requires that you believe that whatever it is you are doing, it's working! Thats it in a nutshell. If your eating fatty, your loosing weight, if your not working out, your loosing weight. Whatever it is your doing, ITS WORKING! And you are already perfection. And try your best to be happy with what you are now. That may be the hardest part, which makes since cause its the most effective. You are the exact size and weight that you are supposed to be right now. Which makes you perfect at this moment. If you have to use that then use it. It was the beginning to my 65lbs weight loss. Trying to smile and be happy while staring at the mirror at something you don't like is hard. So speak it into existence at first. It'll get easier. Expect it to get easier, and it will. 

The All Mental Diet