I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. But I also believe that, as people, we have free will to make our own choices. How can these coexist?

A lot of people claim to believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. But when tragedy strikes, their "faith" goes out the window. This happens a lot in my conversations with Preachers or older people.  This one older lady swore up and down that she believed that everything was prewritten. That God's plan for her was all laid out from start to finish. Then she proceeded to tell me that she also believed in freedom of choice. That she could make her own decisions and stray away from God's plan. And she had stuck by these principal her whole life. Then I asked her "How?" You just told me 2 totally different things. If your plan is laid out from start to finish, how can you stray away from it. At that point you would be starting on rewriting a new path and ending. As a matter of fact, every choice you made that didn't line up with "Gods plan" would continually rewrite new paths and new endings. She looked confused and said to me "there are things in my life that i've done that I'm not so proud of. I use to curse a lot when I was younger. Your not trying to tell me that God wanted me to curse, or cheat, or steal are you?" And I said "I'm trying to tell you that you're believing in 2 different things that contradict each other. Pick one. Either God wrote your story and your following it aka living in Gods dream. Or your sometimes living God's plan for you, and sometimes making choices that are straying from God's plan or whatever...smh... I can't even describe it cause it doesn't make since!"

I always say that i'm living God's plan for me. If I cursed, then that's how it was written. I had sex before marriage, that's how it was written. Do I have freedom of choice, of course I do. But I knew what choices I was going to make when I first wrote this story. You can't straddle the line of what you believe. If you say that you believe, it cannot be only when it conveniently fits what you learned as a child and spent years "knowing". Could it be that your ready to learn something new? A truth with no loop holes. Something solid to hold onto. More solid than anything you've ever had to believe in. You don't know it all, and neither do I. But that just means that there's more to be learned. 

That's how it was written