Q. How do you show your appreciation to God? With all these books, like Command that suggest you command your wishes to God, and all these religions putting their spin on it, it seems like finding the right verbiage and mannerism is important. 
What I do with my work is try different things untill I find what yields the best results and feels right. Then I stick with that and post it on this site for you to do the same. 

I surround myself with millionaires as often as possible so I can study them. Sure we have a great time but I take advantage of the information they provide with their body language and what they say. After all, we all strive to be financially stable in life. When people tell me "money isn't everything" I tell them to give away every penny they have and then come say that to me. Anyway, I haven't had the opportunity to speak to many billionaires about how they address "their God/creator/etc." but here are some of the examples i've gotten:
-One woman referred to God like a parrot on her shoulder with whom she would speak with openly like a friend. She said that she was confident in every decision that she makes because she knew he was there with her making those decisions with her. 
-One man said that he would look up as if he were looking to the second floor of a building and speak to God in his mind. And God would be standing there, appearing identical to him, looking over the railing back at him.
-One man siad that he would talk to God as if he were his twin brother who lived in his mind. But he stressed that he would literally talk to him like a brother, but gave him the respect an older brother would deserve. 

I've tried all of these methods plus at least a dozen more i've thought of or picked up during my motivational speaking in New York. Some felt like I was being disrespectful and some felt like I was being silly. I grew tired of searching for the right way so I did what I always do to get the answers I need. I thanked God for giving me the answer (Mark 11:24). Shortly after God answered my prayers. I was entering my meditation room, after a great set of events had unfolded throughout the day, and I stopped and said "Thank you God for the best day ever!" And for a second there I felt kind of silly. I'm literally talking to an invisible man in the sky somewhere that i'll never see until I die. An invisible man that I don't even know what he is. I know how to manifest my future with precision, and I know how this world he created works, but I know nothing about him and i'm talking to him. Then I stopped myself and out of nowhere I said out loud "NO". Then I thought to myself, God is in no way shape or form a man. Look what he can do. Every single piece of grass grows in perfect harmony with everything around it, everything is so perfectly calculated. No man can do all of that. I know that God is, literally every object that I see and don't see. Everything that exist is made of the same thing. Energy. Some energy will vibrate at a specific frequency that is experienced as brown and solid like wood, and some energy vibrates at a frequency that is experienced as soft and solid like flesh. But either way, everything that exist is made of energy. God is energy. So I know that God is everything around me including my skin. This desk, the air, my car, everything! When I open my eyes and shine my light on things, the things that I see are God. So I do see him. Every day all around me. Then it just hit me like a ton of bricks. If God is everything around me, every object, then I can literally look at my sports car and say "Thank you God for coming to me in this form." I'm always looking for the most powerful ways to say something because when we talk, in our heads or out loud, we're provoking emotions that will be sent out throughout the universe to be returned to us (3rd law of motion). Saying "Thank you God" is one thing and gets the job done. But it's not good enough. You/I can do better. Thanking God for an object creates separation between God and the object when there literally is no separation. God is energy, the car and every part of it is made entirely of energy. Thanking God for coming to you, in the form of an object is a whole other ball park. There's not some gift that God sent to you in the mail in front of you. God is in front of you! And you can feel it in your chest. An uplifting feeling of importance and self confidence in your relationship with your creator. He has come to you in the form that you asked him to. He has answered your prayers. 

Memorize this phrase and say it as often as possible about everything your thankful for throughout every day. 

    Thank you God for coming to me in this form.
ie.     Thank you God for coming to me in the form of this check.
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of this experience.
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of perfect health (Mark 11:24).
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of the best day ever (manifesting tomorrow being the best day ever).
I implore you to try any or all of these just a few times a day and watch your would change around you for the better.

Thank You God