On September 8, 2007 I was due to report into Camden Police Department for work at 7:00am. My sister Teresita Maria Davila aka "Tere" called me around 6am begging me not to go to work. She said that she had a dream that I got into a car chase, with a tan vehicle, and I had died. In Camden City it's perfectly normal to get into a car chase every day. It is and was then the most dangerous city in America. Certain members of my family have history for seeing things before they happen so I called the PD to take off of work. My father, a Sgt. at the time, was the supervisor getting ready to get off of work at 7. It was policy that we give at least a 1 hour notice before calling out and because I was past the 1 hour mark I was denied. Rules are rules so I went into work. She pleaded with me the whole way there to turn around. And when I arrived at work she warned me not to chase any tan cars. Of course that day I was involved in 3 car chases. Crazy enough, the last car was tan. I got off of work that day at 5pm and went home safe and sound. 

Later that night I found out that my big sister had passed away. She fell asleep on the phone with her boyfriend and never woke up. 

My little brother and sister (twins) were not even teenagers yet and my kids were 6 and 3. I'll always make sure they remember what type of person she was. We were and are still a very close family. My father has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I know a lot of people may say this but ask around and you'll know that I'm not exaggerating. She was loved by everyone. She took people into her home, she gave people money, and had the biggest heart I could ever imagine a person could have. She struggled with weight issues her whole life and had just completed the final tests to get gastric bypass surgery. To be able to live 1 day as a "normal person" was her only dream in life. She never got to do that. 

I know she's no longer suffering, but losing a sibling is horrible beyond what my vocabulary can describe. The only thing worse is losing a child. I don't know how my parents got through that. I don't know how any parent could.

Cherish the time you have. Make every day count. Tell your parents and your kids that you love them every day. We miss you Tere. We love and miss you so much. ‚Äč

Teresita Maria Davila