This is extremely personal so please keep an open mind. No one knows everything. So learn something new each day.

Over 130 pages on my website and they're each missing a second half. God. 

I've always been curious about the brain and how it works. And when I asked God to let me sit at home and learn more without having to worry about bills, etc. He said to me "Ok, but what I give you, you have to share. No matter what it is, or how silly you may feel, you have to share it." 

I of course said "Hell yea! I was going to do that anyways". Shortly after I retired and my journey began. But since then I've avoided the whole "God" talk subject because it's a heavy subject. And can be taken extremely offensive to not just defensive people but to everyone. 

 But I made a deal with God. And we've both held up on our ends of the bargain. Except for this. It's time for me to hold up on my end.

Talking to God - PART 1