I always say that you will be proven if not shown that you cannot have your wish. And how you react to that will determine if you get it, and how fast you get it. Will you cry about it and give up, or will you stand up an say NO!?

I'll use an extreme example and let you apply it to your life's circumstances. You get a lottery ticket from the store. Your goal, win the lottery. The numbers come up, and they don't match your ticket. Your first thought, "I'll get it next time". Depending on how big your wish, you'll either be shown or proven that you cannot have it. And what better proof do you have that you didn't win then a losing lottery ticket. The universe and God just showed you that you cannot have your wish. But wait.... Your objective is to win the lottery, and don't you still have a chance? The game isn't over is it? What would happen if you said "NO". I've won already so this can't be true. I refuse to believe that i've lost. I am a lottery winner. For one you'd be sending out a totally different signal to the universe than the normal "I'll get it next time". Because "I'll get it next time" only manifest more situations where you end up saying "I'll get it next time" which is losing. Mark 11:24 Whatever you wish for, believe that you have it, and it will be yours. It'll take time, and a huge amount of faith but like I always say, your asking God for the assistance. And this is cake work for him :-)

Now think about a time in your life where you were shown in one way shape or form that you couldn't have something that you wanted whether it be an experience or object. What did you do? Did you give up? And what about the times that you said "No" and refused to take no for an answer. It worked out didn't it. It'll always work out for you until you give up. You have to be willing to die for it. Me personally I get excited when I hit a road block in an objective. This means that I am being tested and I am closer than I've ever been to getting that specific experience. And since I know how to pass this test with ease, it's cake work for me now. It could take you a while to get to this comfortability level depending on your mental discipline. But that's why I create these pages. So you don't have to meditate for years to get the answers like I did. This way of thinking installs an uncanny level of confidence, and a smile when you get bad news. Honestly you can't beat that. I promote all positivity all day every day, as much as humanly possible. Why would you have it any other way. 

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