This is a picture of a thought leaving your body. With the right scope you can see colors. Which means color levels. Which means they can be measured. With an average of 60,000 thoughts per day per person do you really think all that is taking place for no reason. Thoughts continuously being send out throughout the entire universe with specific vibrant color patterns that just so happen to match your emotion. Don't be foolish
Those color patterns means something. And saying "I love my life" when you can't afford your next meal sends off a different color scheme and brightness than saying "I love my life" on the morning of the best Christmas you've ever been able to provide your family with.
The 3rd law of motion (opposite and equal reaction): All those thoughts have to come back to you (opposite) to be thought again (equal reaction). 
    Which means a fake "I love my life" will result in another fake "I love my life". As will a medium, or a real legit "I love my life".

Emotion is everything. And certain words trigger certain emotions. 
Hope is necessary in life. But to walk around saying "I hope I get that car" or "I hope I get that girl", only leads to more days where you're saying "I hope I get that car" and "I hope I get that girl". Which means you get neither.
The same goes for words like: I will, Someday, Soon, I'm going to..., etc.

Through my own life experiences and through my counseling sessions I'll discover and list more examples on this page of poison words and poison statements. 

Along my travels and research a bunch of major life lessons really stand out. And this is one of the biggest ones:
    -Semantics is everything.

Wording is so important. Because of our individual backgrounds certain words cause mixed and sometimes bad emotions when said whether it be out loud or in your mind. 

Before we get started remember this:
    -Thoughts become things. The Wright brothers could not have built an airplane without first thinking about it. And the people who defied all odds and achieved their dreams knew it would happen to them with unwavering faith sometimes for years but it came to them. Not like a business owner who "knows" he's gonna be successful but secretly stresses over this month's profits. But the kind of knowing that a person would have if it had already happened. NO DOUBT AT ALL!

When a basketball team loses it's very rare that a player will take the blame for it. Most people just point the finger in their minds if not out loud at others. But when they win everyone has their hands raised for credit. 
So in the spirit of owning the things in your life, whether it be good or bad, lets say you begin to say to yourself: 
"I created this, I created that,
I created this situation,
I created this house. It once wasn't here and I took the necessary steps to obtain it and now I have it. I manifested it into my life. I saw it, then created it.
I created my paychecks. I knew I wanted and needed money to survive and eat, so I secured a job and maintained it to ensure steady paychecks. I saw it then created it.
I created that car into my life. I saw it, I wanted it, they said my credit was bad but I didn't take no for an answer and now it's mine."

If you pick a few positive objects in your life and say "I created that" somethings going to happen inside your body. A chemical reaction that doesn't give off a good feeling. Like you're taking all the credit for something without paying homage to the grand creator. 
Go ahead and try.....
As the reader, I have no clue what religion you stand behind but this seems to be universal even with the atheist I've counseled with. Something just doesn't feel right. And when something doesn't feel right then the signal being sent out from your lower spine is not the color you want it to be. 

When you speak about your house, or job you want it to be received by the universe in a bright joyace light. Not one filled with doubt because deep down inside you feel like you're disrespecting your creator. 

Well if you know anything about me then you'll know these 2 things:
1. I don't do time. Everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen will happen in this current moment. 
and 2. If there is a problem then I'm gonna try to fix it.

So lets scrap the past tense word "created" and replace it with "creating". It's a present tense word, it's true cause you're creating your life as you go, and you don't feel like your disrespecting or leaving anyone out.  TRY IT! Right now! You'll see that I'm right about the feeling you get (or lack there of) and feeling is everything.