As humans time management is extremely important. Outside of being on time for appointments and things of that nature, how we spend our time should be our priority. I like to think of every second as energy dollars.

Energy Dollars: 

In order for God to give us life he must give us energy. His energy. And each second is like a dollar that we can choose to spend on anything we want aka focus or think about anything we want. And like a package in the mail, whatever you spend the majority of your energy dollars on will come knocking on your door. 

So regardless of what you are doing there are 2 things we as people do all day every day. Breathe and think. We all know how important breathing is and by now we all know how important you thoughts are to. Spending a whole 20 minute conversation discussing something negative and finishing it up with the sentence "but it'll be alright though" is the opposite of what you want to do. That's 1,196 energy dollars spend on negative and 4 dollars spent on positive. that's a 299:1 ratio. And you wonder why you're still in the same spot as last year (some people 10 years). 

You want and need to spend as much time as possible focusing on appreciation things as often as possible. 

Retraining your mind - PART 8