The self defense mechanisms we have built in our minds (and the ego) will automatically scream to you "I don't complain. I don't complain". But if the overall message of your sentence is "Why's it gotta be this" or "Why's is it happening like that" or "I don't like the way...." then you're complaining and you need to stop for a bunch of important reasons. 

1. Everything that has and is happening to you is happening for a reason. God's reason. To argue or complain about that would be to literally argue and/or complain to God about God.

2. Thoughts become things. People generally think that events happen and then they react to those events. The 3rd Law of motion (every action has an opposite and equal reaction) proves that  isn't the case. "Why is he (or she) acting like this" only creates future situations that make you want to say "Why is he (or she) acting like this" AGAIN. Then of course you saying it again is creating it again. This is a nasty cycle that we get caught up in and it's the sole reason for anything and everything you have to complain about in your life. So stop complaining!

3. You started this program to better yourself and the lives of everyone around you. 

IF YOU'RE GOING TO KEEP COMPLAINING, STOP NOW CAUSE YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME. Come back to the program when you've REALLY had enough with the way you think and or your life's situations, and you want to get better and be a better person. 

Make a vow to stop complaining and to choose your words carefully.

Retraining your mind - PART 5