Retraining your mind - PART 15

The Ego! The silent killer. That's the voice that says that you don't have enough, or you're not good enough. It will combat anything you say or think good or bad. And it's also what makes a person think "I'm not where I should be at this point in my life" or "Why don't I have this (or be here) by now. Nothing is good enough for the ego.That is the total contradiction for what you want to be thinking all day. That's the easy way out. The test. To see if we can stay positive and appreciative throughout our days. Whether is be Pre-Sleep Rituals, or "Proactive Manifesting" exercises it's sometimes hard to find the silver lining in situations. But I think that when you see how important it is, then you see how easy it is, you'll find yourself using this technique every day for the rest of your life. By nature it causes a lighter heart, happier days, and a better outlook on your future. Which is why we're all here. A better outlook on your future produces a better future.