PART 12: How to Get Money

Money is a tricky subject. First you have to understand why you want to money. It's cause its worth something solid in the exchange of goods. One thing for another. If we didn't use green pieces of paper to pay for things it would just be something else with a different name. So it's not the money that's important. It's not the money that we want. If the dollar lost ALL of its value today nobody would want it anymore. We'd want the next popular exchange item so we could get groceries and gas. So what we really want is whatever form of equity necessary to acquire the things/experiences we want in life. The freedom to say "I want that, and I have the means to get it right here right now!"
To ask God (or the universe) for money literally makes no since, that's why it doesn't work. Science has proven that if you look at money, or anything for that matter, with a powerful enough microscope all you'll see is energy waves vibrating at different frequencies, in and out of existence, seemingly randomly. Which means that science can prove that money, nor any other object, even really physically exist. Now I know that may sound radical to those that are hearing this for the first time but it's true. You may be thinking to yourself "I exist, this computer in front of me exist, so that last statement Neo made makes no sense". Food for thought: Did you know that you'll never really be able to touch something. When you put your hand on a wall and push your not touching the wall. Your experiencing an magnetic resistance in front of you like your hand and the wall are both positively charged. A pillow vibrates at a frequency that is felt as less resistant (more cushiony) than an object like a wall. Science has already proven all of this, it's just not very well known. But now you know! There is no wall. Just magnetic resistance put there literally by your expectations of how it should feel (see double slit test). 

When you close your eyes and reach out and touch a door knob in front of you several things are happening. Your senses register, infront of what you know and feel to be your body, that there are two positive (or negative) charges pushing on each other providing resistance. Your brain recognizes that that feeling is coming through your right hand (as opposed to your left hand or your other extremities). Because of the situation you believe yourself to be in, you expect it to be a door knob you are feeling and that it will act as expected. That is where manifesting is strongest. What you truly expect to happen will happen. When a poor person says to themselves that they are going to win the lottery tomorrow, they don't truly expect to win therefore it cannot happen. But back to having your eyes closed and feeling the magnetic push of the doorknob against your hand. Science has already proven that what you're feeling is a magnetic push (or resistance) against a specific part of your body. However there is no door knob and in actuality there is no hand. Just energy waves acting in accordance with what your expectations are. 

Wrap your head around that, it's not a theory, it's been proven already. So to ask God (or the universe) for a door knob or any other object like money cannot work and that's why it doesn't work cause there is no money. Only experiences. You can't ask for something that doesn't exist. That's why I always say to ask for the experience you have with the object as opposed to the actual object. 
If you want to go on a cruise- Mark 11:24- picture yourself on a cruise feel the feeling you would have as often as possible and watch the magic happen. If you just want to have money, feel the experience of having an abundance of money that you can spend on what you want and feel how you would feel if that were true. Picturing yourself holding money does nothing unless you can emotionally feel what that experience would feel like. Then your manifesting the experience of holding money. Hold on to that feeling. Water that seed with thought and emotions! Any plant you water will grow in your life.
So all in all stay away from asking for money. Think about it, how has that worked out for you so far?

Side notes:

-People get money from confidence. Your paycheck might have your bosses name on it but that money clearly came from God. You went to work all week and every single part of you knows and expects to get paid. That is an uncanny confidence level that is hard to achieve without all the evidence backing up why you KNOW your going to get paid. What you truly expect to happen will happen. If you don't go to work, you don't get paid right? WRONG! For 1, people do it ever day, and 2, mental work is the hardest occupation known to man according to religion and science so let that work suffice. The brain is a muscle and works on muscle memory. If you can condition yourself to truly EXPECT that payday to come without physically working for it, it will come. Understand that this is one of the toughest challenges known to man. Mental work is the hardest occupation and financial stability is the one thing everyone wants. What did you expect it to be easy lol. Just know that God is unlimited and has the ability to send you unlimited money from unlimited sources. So don't worry about how the money gets to you. Just know that it's coming, it's coming regularly, and it is unlimited.

-Grab a dollar, everyone can get their hands on a dollar. If not grab a penny. Hold it in your hand an focus on it. Just it's existence. Like an empty garage. Take that garage and put a car in it and it changes. There is now something in the room that is huge and changes the dynamic and the whole feel of the room. You have to be more careful, you can't walk over there anymore, etc. The room literally feels different. That's the feeling I'm looking for. If you have to drop the dollar and see how your hand feels without it a few times that's perfectly normal. But when you do learn how to feel the existence of that dollar then do it. As often as possible just feel it. People always say "one dollar ain't shit Neo!", then I say, "well give it to me!" And they all say "NO!" Don't take things for granted. Appreciate that dollar. Simply appreciate having it. I use to do this with stacks of 50 ones but I found that one dollar is better. A stack of money thorws you off. To many variables involved that throw off your thought process. When your truely acknowledging an item your thinking of nothing else. Your just staying in this moment. While acknowledging this dollar's existence it will only be a few seconds before your mind starts to wonder. It's either going to go positive and say "I'm happy I have this dollar (I could be without it)" or negative and say "This money isn't enough (this ain't shit)" at this point I don't have to tell you what your manifesting into your future by saying either one of those phrases, but I will anyway lol. "I'm happy I have this dollar" will cause you to say, in the future, "I'm happy I have this dollar" again (3rd Law of Motion). Saying "this money is not enough" will cause you, in the future, to be saying "I don't have enough money" or "the amount of money I have in my hand is not enough." you choose!