Here is are 2 links to a Facebook Live Stream I did on relationships. 

Part 1: Strengthening your relationship...

Part 2: Is it the end?

How to strengthen, improve, and maintain a good relationship:

Here are just some tips i've come up with over the years to help with relationships. 

-Celebrate Christmas once a month. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, it's not really Christmas anyway. 
    -Once a month (i.e. the 25th of every month) you and your spouse buy each other a present. You could even go shopping together and pick out the present you want to ensure a good gift. $20 isn't really anything these days. That's like 2 packs of cigarettes. Going to a store like Burlington Coat Factory or Marshals you could walk out with a nice shirt or pants for $20 bucks. If you're financially better off then up the number. But that's not important. It's the gesture that counts. And since both parties are receiving, there should be no hesitation or laziness involved lol. 

-Plain and simple always be willing to "hug it out". Always!

-This one takes a lot of self discipline and focus on making things better: Even if it's in your mind say something nice about your spouse after every "not so nice" thing you might say out loud.

-Devils Advocate: This one's a doozie but probably the best one i've ever heard of or seen in my life.
    -Both parties have to be discipline and have major self control, which is rare. Here's how it would go in the perfect scenario:
        -During the heat of an argument where two parties are not seeing eye to eye on a subject one parties stops a calls out the words "Devils Advocate". Both parties have to then switch sides of the argument (like a debate team) and argue the other persons point. But they would have to really get into it. Putting themselves in the other persons shoes will not only cause them to see the other persons point more clearly, but there creative side will come up with more reasons supporting the other persons point of view. And only when one side runs out of points is the opposer aloud to make suggestions. This gives both parties a thorough knowledge of being on both sides and one person will see that their in the wrong, stopping the argument and 2 people closer together.
    -Keep in mind that most people cannot do this method no matter how hard they try. Most people don't have the self control level to stop themselves like that during an argument. When you're arguing your subconscious thinks you're going to die (literally) if you lose. That's why some people go so hard. We all just let the subconscious take over to start. Some of us just pull it back quicker than others. So this method is not recommended for those who are "out of control".

-Keep in mind that in order for one of you to win, one of you must lose. And you don't want your spouse to lose at anything in life. Even if it's to you. Sometimes your better off just saying that. This method doesn't work when dealing with major issues that absolutely need to be discussed.

-Never withhold sex! I've never seen a relationship work out when sex is getting withheld as a punishment. That's a recipe for disaster.