So back to the "Progress Reports": 
Here is an example of one of my Progress Reports: Scenario- I'm outside and I just got the mail from the mailbox when I realize that I haven't done a "Progress Report" all day.
    First I need a topic to kick start this report. I look up and the first thing I see is my house. I instantly smile with the greatest feeling shooting from my chest to my throat cause I know where I came from. And I remember how much I obsessed over this house during the weeks before settlement. It was the biggest house with the biggest yard out of anyone in my family. I wanted it sooo bad and now it's mine. The first official words of the Progress Report get spoken out loud. As i'm smiling big I say " Look at what we've done" still smiling I start shaking my head and I say "That's beautiful!" Before I get a chance to go into more detail about the house I notice there are 3 cars occupying all 3 driveways. Almost speechless I say out loud "3 cars in THREE driveways!" At this point my chest/throat area feels like it's about to explode with love. Almost speechless I say out loud "This is what we wanted, and we did it"(Notice the repeated use of the word "we". The more the better, trust me!). My attention somehow gets drawn to my kids (who are in school at the time) and I say "The kids are doing great" thinking about my children's shenanigans and how I did the same thing when I was little so I can only laugh, to myself, about them. As I say "There healthy and happy" I'm thinking about the amount of exercise they get daily and how my new found healthy eating habits are wearing off on them, mainly cause they can't buy groceries lol. Buy then the real world is pulling me back. I'm standing outside in the cold with the mail in my hands staring at my house while the neighbors drive by staring at me like I'm crazy lol smh. I finish by saying "EVERYTHING is just so great." I let out a deep breath and say "THANK YOU!" 
I can now enter my house and continue my day knowing that:
1. I just manifested more days with healthy and happy kids
-more situations where I'm happily saying "this is the biggest house I've ever lived in" (side note: in order for me to say that again and again the universe absolutely MUST give me a bigger and better house- CLICK HERE)
-And manifested more situation where I'm saying "these are the best, and most cars i've ever owned" into my future. (side note: same side note as above- CLICK HERE)
And 2. I just spent a good portion of time on cloud 9 where I probably otherwise would have just been chillin in my house. 

Now I understand to a person who doesn't meditate or a person who is not use to this type of practice there are 2 important things that could cause problems immediately:
1. It's hard for a homeless person to appreciate a house
and 2. A person that's living a generally hard or stress filled life isn't going to get as emotionally attached to those type of thoughts as I do/did. I meditate a lot so it's easier for me to achieve. With meditation comes more control it's a fact. but it is human nature to take things for granted. Every one of us, who has a car, doesn't feel the same way about it as we did just before we bought it. We might still feel good about it, but we see bigger and better online, and on TV, etc. which makes our current cars just a little (and in most cases a lot) less exciting. So getting all amped up about a house you've lived in for 10 years could prove to be difficult. But not impossible. That's why I think back to the days before I got it. And when you remember that feeling, and you add it with the accomplishment of actually getting what you wanted so bad, you end up with pure love in your heart. An overwhelming feeling of joy that you'll want to hold onto forever. 

Some of my Progress Repots go like this: "Thank you God. Things are going great. The Kids are great and everyone else is great. I'm happy! Life is just great right now!
as simple as that.
    *if you truly are creating the universe around you then it's not false at all to take responsibility for great weather ie. a perfect night outside. To step outside and say to God "look what we did, it's beautiful out here" can only manifest more situations where your saying "look what we did, it's beautiful out here". That sounds like a win win situation. More beautiful nights are coming your way with the added bonus of you being more confident about your hand in creating your life. 

In the end we're just counting our blessings. And we all know how important that is.

Another form of counting your blessings.
In the busy fast paced world we all live in one can go days without counting blessings. Especially if you're experiencing hard times. I do this for a living and every time I finally remember to count a few blessings I think to myself "wow it's been to long since I've done this. I need to do it more often". And I always think that whether it's been hours or days because if you know the formula for winning/getting whatever you want, you're going to want to use it as often as possible. And when you realize that you haven't been doing it, because life is coming at you at a mile a minute, you pretty much shake your head at yourself. 
In light of this reoccurring issue I've decided to implement "Progress Reports".

Every so often (or as often as possible) I stop and give a Progress Report to my creator. And through very careful trial and error I've learned that there is a specific way of doing it. 
Remember that every thought you have is being judged by your subconscious. And if it is, in the slightest bit, fictitious your subconscious will send that "warm ball" down your throat/chest area. The same ball that you feel when you lie (especially directly to your creator- ie. say to yourself out loud "I have a trillion dollars" and you'll feel it slide down from your throat to your chest). 
So when you bring up something, whether it be the house that you live in or your kid's A+ on the exam you should use the word "we" in place of "I" to show the respect that is needed to avoid the "warm ball" feeling. 
It's the difference between saying to God "look what I did" vs saying "look what we did". It just feels different. One way obviously feels better and feeling is everything in this practice. 

Remember that God speaks emotion. 
If I ask you how you feel about your spouse you'll experience a very specific emotion. After that you'll probably sum up that emotion in a few words. But the feeling you got is not that simple at all. Not only are there a large amount of pros and cons but they're each based off of everything you've ever experienced, heard, and learned in your entire life. And not just the experiences with that person. Experiences with other people largely shape how we think (ie. trust issues, etc.). That answer is so complex it would probably take you days to type out. But we are able to spell it out with an emotion in an instant. That is why I say that God speaks emotion. That essay answer that would take you days to type out is received, stored, and inserted into a formula for future use by God in an instant. Kind of like the way he can monitor and maintain every blade of grass (trees, etc.) to act the way it's supposed to with ease. An infinite number of calculations are happening all around us every second to make sure the world and everything in it acts appropriately. We can't have a few pieces of grass grow legs and walk away, can we?

I noticed this years ago. Wording is everything. That's because they come with emotion. You can say to yourself "That promotion…. I GOT that promotion in the bag!" with pure confidence. But your subconscious will kick in and say something like"well that other person has just as much education and job experience as you but they're more connected so…." 
It does that because that's it's job. And since we can't change that we just have to adapt by changing our words. Kind of like telling half truths. Cause if your going to see yourself having something you don't currently have, like a relationship or a job, then you have to play "make believe". There's no way around. You have to tell half truths but make them worded well enough to get past the subconscious that is just waiting to shoot you down and get you back to the current moment. Which is a moment where you don't currently have the things your wanting. Hence the word "wanting".

Another thing is that you have to kind of give the Progress Report like you're talking to someone who can't see what your doing. Nor can they really hear your words. That does 2 things:
1. You go into further detail about your subject which puts you in a creative mindset which keeps you in the moment/present
and 2. Your not just speaking hollow words. You're making it a point to feel the joy. When you have a thought the words don't get sent out from your spine to be returned, the emotion does.
----here is a pic of the thought/emotion leaving your body----

Progress Reports