Q. How can you and the bible preach oneness with God, but still call to praise him as if there is separation? 
*(No one i've ever talked to has ever gotten a solid answer to this question)

Think of it like this. Right now in your mind make up a planet similar to earth. On this planet create little people similar to humans. Give them the power to manifest whatever they think about the most as long as it's what they truly expect to happen. 

Now, 1st question: Aren't those people in the little planet you created still you? Yes, yet somehow they're separate. 

2nd question: If one of those little people looked up at you and said "Thank you so much, creator, for the things and experiences you've given me" wouldn't you be a little flattered? Of course. Wouldn't you want to give him more? Definitely! 

We keep referring to him as a separate person when in actuality he's not. He is still very much a part of you and in fact was never separated. As people we've all come up to believe that two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time when in actuality they can and do all around us every day. Did you know that radio stations occupy the same exact space at the same time just on different frequencies? There are countless other examples of this, but above is a very clear explanation of how we can be one with God but still be, in a way, separate. 

Praising God