Why do you put so much emphasis on patients? Why would waiting be the key to anything?

In my journey to find the answers to life's mysteries I choose the things every human has in common and dissect that. A perfect example of this is when I was obsessed with finding a blueprint to solving any problem. With patience, I decided to look further into "waiting". No matter who you are when you ask the universe for something there is at least a small amount of waiting. If you're sitting at the dinner table and you want a bite of food you first have to wait until your hand can bring it to your mouth. If you're at a restaurant and you order food, you have to wait for it to get to you. Same goes for ordering a package that needs to be shipped. Anything you ask God/The Universe for, your going to have to wait at least a little bit no matter who you are. Larger orders (by the orderers standards) seem to take longer. Thus the quote "to whom much is given, much is tested" (tested = time + experiences). This unanimousness sparked my interest. What better way for God to test someones faith than to make them wait. As people, when we want something we want it right now. We may be comfortable with waiting for it but the essence of wanting involves a certain degree of haste. 

I was counseling a child who was very impatient and mentally punished himself for not getting what he wanted that day. There were several items of interest, but for this story i'll just use the cell phone. Every day that he didn't get a cell phone he would say phrases like "I'm never going to get a cell phone" and "I never do anything right" repeatedly. You know me! As soon as I hear this I had to introduce him to the whole "thoughts become things" part of my philosophy. I explained to him that if he says "i'm never going to get a cell phone" then the Universe or God will do whatever it/he has to to make him say that exact sentence again. Which means it/he cannot give the boy a cell phone. If it/he did, then the boy wouldn't be saying "I'm never going to get a cell phone" again, which would be in violation of the 3rd law of motion. After seeing the look on his face I decided to break it down further in a simpler format. 

I asked the boy if at the end of every day he felt like God had let him down that day by not giving him his phone. He shamingly shook his head saying yes. He said it felt like God was saying to him "you can't have that today". I explained to him that as adults, we do the same thing. Nobody is going to say it out loud but it happens to the best of us. That thought process just needs to be recognized immediately and discarded. Then I told him a true story about a pair of glasses I wanted. In October of 2012 I fell in love with a pair of glasses on sight but I refused to pay the outrageous price tag on them. Plus I was still testing out how to manifest things for free. Anyway, I told him that on October 1st when I went to sleep a small part of me felt like God was saying "you can't have those today". And in all actuality he was. That's obvious cause I didn't have the glasses yet. Anyway, I followed all the steps. I placed my order with the universe, I used Mark 11:24 format while meditating on the glasses, etc. but I still was not receiving them. October 2nd, the same thing "you can't have those today". October 3rd, same thing. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years passed, "you can't have those today". At the end of every single day from October till March (over 150 days) a small part of me heard God say "you can't have those today". I felt like I was doing something wrong. But I kept my faith and knew that no matter what, I would have those glasses. Sure enough, in March 2013, there were mine without a penny out of pocket. Now those days of feeling let down are gone. Now every day God is obviously saying to me "you can have those today" cause there here. 150+ days of "you can't have those today" in exchange for the rest of my life hearing "you can have those today". Faith is key, but patients is the ultimate test of faith. I mention this on my other pages, some people dream of a house, some people dream of having a pony. And at one point that dream fades away and is no longer important to you anymore. You no longer water that seed with thought. Thats called giving up over time. We all do it. Time passes, we tell ourselves "if it hasn't happened by now, then it never will" and we move on to another goal or dream. Had we just held on, and been willing to hold onto that dream forever, we would be given it immediately without having to wait forever. *And to the person reading this, if you gave up on something, you cant say that you were in it, completely full of faith, and committed to it for life no matter what. You obviously weren't cause something caused you to gave up. 

*Patients is the only control vessel when it comes to wanting something obsessively. 

I recently completed an experiment. And when I have a 100% success ratio I'll post it online. This experiment I call "Waiting for the mail"
I order online a lot and I noticed a pattern. When I obsessed over a package's arrival it would take twice as long to get to me. I always say "whatever you chase will run from you" (it's the opposite and equal reaction). So I chose to keep tabs on my next 20 items purchased, that need to be shipped. Unanimously when I let the package just come to me it came quicker and pleasantly unexpectedly. For example, package #19 was ordered from China recently. I knew from my previous experiences that it would take at least 10 days to get to me. So I put it out of my mind and tried to kinda forget about it. It arrived at my house 4 days after I ordered. Package #20 was ordered from the same location and company. On day 4 I sat there like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for my package. Every day since, except Sundays, I've met the mailman outside cause this package is important. I'm now on day 13. The tracking number says it's in a processing center in NY somewhere. This theory was 100% accurate for all 20 packages. The ones I obsessed over took the longest, some not even making it, being returned to sender accidentally, etc. The ones I let slip out of my mind came seemingly overnight. Package #19 was a miracle. I've never ordered from China and had it arrive anywhere close to 4 days. My ladybird took 14 days. It can get difficult to get it out of your head depending on the importance and anticipation of the package. But you gotta try. Nobody likes waiting for something they really want, especially when you know it's on it's way. And being let down by the mailman daily STINKS!!!! lol smh

Patience is key