Gods not gonna get mad at you for forgetting to say Grace yesterday. If you missed it, that's how it was written in God's plan. How's he gonna get mad at his own story that he wrote already start to finish. Yes we have "choice", but we knew what choices we would make when first we wrote this story ;-) No regrets! Applies to all situation.
"Only God can judge you." That's funny, you do it every day. 
Don't punish yourself for BS, move on! Manifest a good future. Not a "O, Gods mad at me!" future. Lol smh

EVERYTHING that exist, even a thought, is made of energy. Even you and me. God exist to! The bible makes about 10,000 references to us being "one with God". Take that "oneness" to heart, and watch your life change overnight! Try it! I dare you! Living Proof!

Oneness with God