In the interest of making manifesting easier I had to take a look at what exactly happens when you "see it before it happens" or "order your wish in Mark 11:24 format". If you were to look at your current car and want to manifest a better one you would literally have to imagine and feel what you would feel in your dream car. So if your dream car is a Challenger, you would find yourself saying (sometimes out loud) "I love my Challenger", and/or "Thank you for this wonderful gift", etc. The issue with that is your subconscious will automatically make you feel a degree of guilt because the statement and feeling are false (a lie). You know 100% that the car you're looking at is not a Challenger so you feel guilt. Taking it a step further, you are speaking directly to God (or whoever you believe created you). You are thanking God for something that's not really there. So in essence, you're lying to him. That brings on even more guilt. Most people can lie to themselves and mask the guilt so well that it feels nonexistent. But I think we all would feel the guilt of lying to our creator for fear of punishment. From birth we're taught that lying is bad. It's embedded into our minds. And though a large percentage of people don't mind lying to each other, lying to the being that created you and is currently creating your life as you go makes people feel guilty. From there it's only natural for people to think that not only are they not going to get their wish, but there will be some form of additional punishment as well. All of this happens in a fraction of a second and is barely noticed other then the slight knot in our chest that we know as guilt. It's hard to manifest owning your dream car, or any other experience for that matter, when you feel like your lying to God every time you think about it. 

So I had to come up with a way around it. Not just words of encouragement that will mask the guilt like painted over rust. But a way to truly feel the pleasure of having my wish minus any guilt (thus making my "watering of the seed" 10x + more powerful). There's a few things we can do to get past this natural but seemingly counter productive experience:
First: Everything that exist is made of energy. You, me, cars, thoughts, air, everything. On the level of things existing vs not existing we both know which side God falls on. So it makes since that the biblical description of God matches the scientific description of energy. "It is in everything". So remember that God is here. He is, in essence, the car you have AND the car you dream about in your mind. And he's fully aware that your physical car isn't the Challenger. He also gave you the free will to think whatever thoughts you choose. He knows the truth and he also knows that your dreams and ambitions shape your future. And since the only thing constant is change, you have to see yourself in new and different scenarios in order to progress in life. So in other words, it's not only ok and perfectly normal to "stretch the truth" when proactively manifesting, but its absolutely necessary in life. Good or bad, you're going to see yourself walking through that door. And eventually you're going to walk through it which is a change from the place you're sitting at now. 
And that brings me to my next point…
The real truth is that "your Challenger" does exist. And when I say that I mean that the Challenger you currently own does exist. It only exist in the imagination realm for now. That experience has not yet manifested into the physical realm. So your literally not lying at all to yourself or him when you say "thank you God for my fast, beautiful, new Challenger". Because in at least one of the only 2 realms we know about, you ARE telling the truth.

*Once again, the guilt portion of this happens in the blink of an eye and most of us don't give it a second thought. We just try to hold on to our vision and enjoy it thus bringing it closer to being realized. This guilt is one of the only things standing in your way of utilizing all of your energy positively toward obtaining your goals/dreams. And this is a definite way to get around it because it's not just painted over rust. It's the truth. It's a different better way to look at things. Keep in mind that you're going to have to remind yourself a few times why you shouldn't feel that guilt. But if life was too easy we'd all get bored ;-)

*Mental discipline is the key...

Misplaced Guilt