When I first started on this spiritual journey I found myself getting upset at the fact that my mind just kept running scenarios that were counter productive to my success in life. To me it's pretty simple. If thoughts become things, then any and every negative thought is obviously manifesting my future the same way positive thoughts would. So any negative thoughts are counter productive to a better life. My goal in the beginning was to spend at least 51% of the day thinking positively. With an average of 60,000 thoughts a day per person, it's impractical to try to keep track of bad vs good. So the only way to be sure is to be as positive as possible at all times. But if you try to meditate right now within the first couple of seconds a thought will pop into your head. If your new to meditation or you're in physical pain that thought will probably be a negative thought. More than likely a "what if" thought. I wondered why the mind would constantly throw negative thoughts at you. That sounds, at a glance, like self destructive behavior (I eventually figured out the answer to that, click here). So I would actually get upset. I'm meditating, trying to manifest a great life for me and my kids, but these stupid negative thoughts keep coming up. Stupid thoughts! I saw a movie where a guy had to fight his way out of a sticky situation, then hours later I'm tactically figuring out how I would handle it, simultaneously, sending out thoughts/emotions/energy waves throughout the universe about me having to fight my way out of a sticky situation. I'm not trying to manifest that kind of stuff in to my life smh. I'm trying to manifest my kids never having to work a day in their lives. Anyway, I'm sure we've all been there, it's human nature. I remember for days I kept saying this is so hard. The bible says that controlling ones thoughts is the hardest occupation a man can have. But then it hit me. I manifest my future. What I say goes. So I literally said out loud "this is easy. Controlling my thoughts is easy", and I thanked God for making it easy for me to constantly bring in positive thoughts. That phrase, and that day changed my life forever. The art of staying positive had literally become easy. Now I try to use that all the time. When I find myself saying "man that's hard", I correct my self and say "Thats easy, thank you for making that easy and effortless". Sometimes I forget to do it, and thats the hardest part. Remembering to remember. There are a whole bunch of different techniques that will change your life for the positive. But you have to remember to remember to practice them. So all in all, no matter what, whether it's controlling your thoughts, your relationships, your work, etc. when the thought "man this is hard" pops into your head cast it away as quickly as possible and replace it with "Thank you for making this easy". Just try it, I dare you ;-) what have you got to lose?

Making the impossible seem easy is easier than you think.