To me meditation is everything. By now we all should be under the understanding that thoughts become things. Every invention out there has one thing in common. They all began as a thought. So whether your thinking about a future expectation, or reliving a past event your definitely contributing to your future. Literally shaping your future outcomes. But God's plan is bigger and better than yours. And if your manifesting whether your thinking about the past or the future, then the only way to let his plan unfold is to stay present. That's why every single thought you have ends by something pulling you back to this moment. This is where your supposed to be. 

If you try to meditate right now it will only last seconds. Then a seemingly random thought will creep in. Play it out the way you want it to end. Enjoy it and feel it. Then clear your mind. Get back to your breathing or whatever it is you use to stay present. I'm not knocking manifesting. The thoughts are going to come in. Some more frequent than others depending on whats going on in your life. So keep the drama limited if not non existent. But the thoughts are going to come in. Except them. That's just how it is. I actually have more fun manifesting than meditating. I'm real good at it and so are you. Look around you and you'll see exactly what you've been manifesting into your life. And if you got mad at that last sentence then change what your focusing on. *Remember, whether your focusing on debt or not having debt, your still giving debt your attention and it will grow. Mother Teresa would never attend an anti-war rally. She was more than willing to attend a peace rally, but nothing with war in the name. 

Manifesting can get tricky though. Picturing yourself in and owning the car of your dreams will only last seconds before your subconscious kicks in and picks that dream apart with questions like "how much does that cost", and statements like "you don't really have that car right now." Don't get mad. Your subconscious is just doing it's job. It's waking you up from your daydream to return you to this moment. You're going to rotate between meditating and manifesting your whole life. You have to control it and let go at the same time and never obsess. If you spent barely any of your time today meditating, then thats just how it was meant to me. And to argue with that is to argue with Gods plan. O, and never make meditation a chore. Boredom is not natural. It was developed over time when man got so spoiled with things to do that he didn't know what to do with himself when he had free time. Me personally, I cannot get bored anymore. I enjoy my free time because I already know what im going to do. Meditate and manifest. And I suggest you adapt, and do the same.

Meditation vs Manifesting