How do you measure one's spirituality?

A. It seemed hard trying to come up with a formula to measuring a person's spirituality because it's so personal and it involves so many different variables (including every event that the person has ever experienced). I just assumed that it was too complicated to be answered with a simple formula. But I kept being asked how it could be measured so I asked God, meditating right after as I normally do. The answer came to me out of nowhere and it was as clear as day. 

How long someone can sit in a quiet room with nothing but their thoughts 

How often, throughout the day, they are willing to do it
“How spiritual a person is”  or “Their spirituality level”

Lets face facts. Most people on this planet cannot be left alone with their thoughts for more than 2 to 4 minutes without getting antsy and getting up due to what psychology calls “mental torture”.

But this is a controversial subject. These people will argue that they are spiritual the same exact way somebody would if they were trying to convince you that they’re a good person. But the only reason they’re arguing and trying to prove a point is because being a spiritual person is viewed as a good quality and that’s how they want to be seen. Most people don’t even really know what it means to be a spiritual person. So their not arguing about spirituality at all. They're arguing about being "good people".

I was so confident about this formula that I took a poll. I love the number 42 and I use it as often as possible, especially when it comes to my philosophy. 42 out of the 42 spiritual people I asked loved the formula and have since used it on their social medias, etc. 20 out of the 20 non spiritual people I asked got offended and disagreed. smh. It’s the same reason I enjoy counseling millionaires. Broke people don’t like to be told it’s their fault their broke. I had the same reaction as them when I was broke myself and I first saw “The Secret”. Fight it and stay broke. Or except it and move up in life. Your call!

Measuring Spirituality