This ones actually pretty simple and I beg you to try it.
When your proactively manifesting your future, just see the things coming to you for free. But most importantly feel it. You need to actually put yourself in the situation and feel how it would feel to get that object for free. Big or small, the process is the same. The bigger the item, according to you, the more watering of the seed will be required.

-"But it's hard to imagine getting things for free when your not use to it."
Think of it like this. Everything you've ever gotten in you life you got for free. You didn't have to give any part of you to get it. You might have exchanged some green pieces of paper for the items you've acquired but wasn't that the point in getting the money in the first place? So you can exchange it for what you really want. When you walked out of that grocery store you still had every single part of you that you walked in with, but now you got a cart full of groceries. At first it was hard for me to adapt the free concept as well. That's when I sat back and truly thought about it. Having an appreciation for getting groceries, gas, etc. for free has manifested so much free stuff into my life its crazy. And it's how I turn my biggest non believers into believers. I lead by example. 

How do you manifest free things into you life?