I struggled with this one for a while. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Simply apply the same principals to obtaining toys to getting a desired action out of people. My inbox is full of people who complain about their significant others. They run down a long list of things that they don't like and I say "Wow, it seems like you've been thinking about this a lot". Then they usually say, "yea, it's all I can think about these days". Then I remind them that what they focus on the most, will grow. Including the things they hate about their significant others. Then I test them. As often as possible, especially before bed and when first waking up, I have them think about something their spouse does right. If there isn't anything, make something up. If you want your wife to cook a good home cooked meal, look up to God and thank him for the delicious home cooked meal that your lovely wife cooked for you last night. Even if she didn't, (Mark 11:24) you have to see it before you do it. See it and feel it! Just like you did with that car you're driving. See the experience in your mind first. The outside world is just a manifestations of your inside world.

So when you want an object and when you want a person to act a certain way, apply the same exact principals. 100% of the decision is yours. Thats where we as people go wrong so often. Most people think that If you want your spouse to do something,  50% of the manifesting is from your thoughts, and 50% of the manifesting is from their thoughts. You know what you want, but have no clue what there really thinking about. For example: A woman who wants her man to take the next step. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you only hold half of the cards. This is your life. You own all the cards. 100% of your decisions are yours. For you to mentally give 50% of your decisions to another person, who's motives might not match up with yours, is pointless, and corrupts how confident you are that things will work out in your favor. 

Try it on your boss, try it on someone else, try it on everyone else! You'll begin to notice that getting and eating a cheeseburger is just as easy as getting any other experience in life ie. a committed boyfriend, or getting an asshole boss to act right. You have to see it before you do it. It's going to take some time. To whom much is given much is tested and if you see your goal as hard to accomplish, or impossible, then it will take longer to manifest. It'll take more time, more patients, and more small test in between now and when you experience your goal. So I suggest you see it as an easy task. How? Good question. Remember, you're asking God for the help with this. And when you think about it like that, it should be easy work for him right? If you know that obtaining your goal is an easily accessible task, like getting a cheeseburger is, then it's going to come to you easily. Trust me. If you know that getting a million dollars is that easy then it will be. But you have to really know! Physical proof can really hurt or help your thought process. Knowing that it's going to be a struggle, produces a struggle. Bill Gates wakes up 4 million dollars richer every day. He knows it, he expects it with full confidence. And it just so happens to keep coming. 

Im not saying that you can, through your thoughts, make someone jump off of a bridge smh. What I'm saying is, if you want to smile when you think of your spouse, you must first smile when you think of your spouse!

Manifesting Actions