Energy is like currency. Every second you spend thinking about something, your giving it energy. That's why the word "spending" is used. Whatever it is your thinking about, you're spending your precious time thinking about it. Time that could be spent elsewhere.

Hate is not good. Everything is connected in more ways than we could even imagine. And because we are all one, there is a universal Love that we all share for each other. Thats why it literally hurts to hate. That feeling you get from hate that some of us are so accustomed to is a bad feeling for a reason. It's not natural. It's the opposite of the normal peaceful stillness that we're supposed to experience. If the average person see's a person walking down the street, they don't think to themselves "I love that person." But they do. Most people don't even know it. Hate hurts because you love that person so much, that you actually feel physical pain when thinking ill/hate thoughts about them. Sure it's fueled by your ego which can keep you going on and on in the interest of self preservation, but that doesn't' change the physical pain hate causes nor the reason it hurts.

Here is an exercise that I use and has changed my life drastically for the better since the first day I began using it. 
Think of energy like money. Every second a person spends thinking about you they're handing you 1 energy dollar. Every second they spend talking about you they're handing you 10 (talking involves thinking and speaking plus speaking things into existence is way more powerful than just mentally proactively manifesting). In the corner of each of these energy bills there is either a small mark made with a red marker, or a blue marker. A red mark in the corner means you're thinking and/or speaking negatively about me, and a blue mark in the corner means you're thinking and/or speaking positively about me. But either way it doesn't matter. Every second that passes you're handing me a bill. And the more passionate you are is changing that bill from a 1 dollar bill to a 5, 10, 20, etc. Who cares what color the mark in the corner is, you're handing me money! And i'm going to except it, love it, and appreciate it. 

A negative example: A Hater says "Forget him, He thinks he's the bomb cause he's driving a $120,000.00 car."
-That right there is a mixed feeling. The "Hater" in this situation is completely in love with the lifestyle and wants it, but at the same time mad that it's not them driving the car. If someone said this to me all I would hear was "$120,000.00 car". And there's several good reasons for that but i'm going to break down the most important one. Side note, either way i'm getting paid. These energy dollars just have a small red mark in the corner but who cares. Anyway, here's the best part. All the "mixed feelings" words this person is saying are worth 20's. He's passionate so the energy dollars he's giving off are worth 20's instead of 1's. Like I said, passion/emotion is everything. When a person is speaking the truth they're confident in what they're saying which turns the energy dollars they're giving off into 100's instead of twenties. They think they're mad at you but subconsciously they're mad at themselves.... That's too much confusion but it gets extra points for the envy/emotion involved. But the confidence that hard facts give off is unrivaled. Think about it, is it easier to appreciate your dream car while it only resides in your imagination (mark 11:24), or when it's in your driveway. While the car is in your imagination only, your mind will shoot down the idea of ownership because that's not whats real at this moment thus creating mixed thoughts filled with uncertainty. True the amount of emotion will add a higher value to that thought, but it's no where near the value of a factual statement. That's why it's the only part of the hater's sentence that means anything to me. Besides the fact that I won't be effected negatively by any of his words, the "$120,000.00 car part is the only part that's true. Therefore providing me with the most energy. 

A long time ago I was watching a famous entertainer perform on TV at an event and I said to myself, out of nowhere, "she's just a normal female, that just so happens to have everyones attention right now." Forget about the amount of people watching her now, all day and night around the world there are millions of people thinking about her. Daily millions of people are singing her songs throughout their day. Teens are obsessing over her, thinking about her constantly. The radio reminds you of her with each of her songs they play all day long. The people who have met her are honored and obsessively brag about how the encounter happened as if she were God himself. etc. Yet she's just a normal female. Who just so happens to be on everyone's mind, collecting all that energy. It's no coincidence that the amount of energy she collects is perfectly equalled by her money and popularity. The energy one collects gets transferred into whatever they truly desire. For most people that list is topped with financial stability and popularity. For some popularity is replaced by toys (cars, houses, etc). And some just cannot due without drama in large doses. This artist very strongly shares my belief system/philosophy and at her biggest performance actually called on her audience to stop for a few seconds and just give her their energy.

Except all energy like you would a dollar bill with a little red or blue marking in the corner. The marker color doesn't matter. You can color the whole thing and i'm still going to gladly except it, and Thank you for it. 
And that's how you deal with haters...‚Äč

Love Me or Hate Me