**** When I first created this page I kept it a secret. It was hidden deep in my website where only I could find and update it. After all, this subject will bring the most heat and controversy. I was being spoon fed information from Rome about the original pages from the bible to help with my writings. I was then told that the Pope himself was a fan of my writings as of recently. I found that hard to believe but I still smiled because to me that's a huge accomplishment. Less than a week later the Pope made a series of speeches addressing and agreeing with several controversial things I have on this website and a lot from this specific page. I don't believe in coincidence. These are things that "Bible pushers" would form a picket line for. Things he's bing ridiculed for. He and I have stepped out of our comfort zones to keep it real, and bring you the obvious, no matter how badly you try to avoid the truths that are put in front of you. Squeeze your eyes closed for as long as you want. Eventually you'll open them. And I'll be there waiting. 
This is how the page originally started:

Everything I'm about to say is real and can be thoroughly researched on the same internet you used to access this website. Do your due diligence. A Lot of you won't like what you're about to read, but everything happens for a reason. Including you being lead to reading this page. Being close minded leads to failure in whatever subject you close yourself to. I only offer this information because I felt that I had to. Not to sway your judgement or anything like that. I'm not selling anything!
See disclosure at bottom of page

Did you know less than 50% of the content in the Bibles we use today are accurate? Countless books were not only kept out of the bible but burned then thrown into sea by legal order. The powers to be not only made it a crime but it was punishable by torture and sometimes death to attempt to preserve these hidden pages. Doesn't that seem a little "over the top" to you? Watch this video.

The original writings had to be translated to the "powers to be". But neither side spoke each others language. So the "powers to be" had to teach them their language. But how can you teach someone your language without knowing theirs. Sure nouns, verbs, and adjectives might be easy but what about the rest. Theres no way they got it all right.

-The original writings were so open to interpretation that the world leaders would sit in rooms for countless hours deciding what goes in and what gets deleted from the Bibles you know and follow so blindly today. These meetings were very well documented. They have a LONG list of what changes were made and when, but most people don't know this. They think it's myth. 
    -A large percentage of the changes made were not documented. 
    -They're are several documented cases where a leader with less influence, but a better idea, was immediately overruled by a leader with a higher political status (and a piss poor agenda). A lot of times embarrassingly!
    -Numerous verses, etc. were just simply added by these same people to fit their own agendas.
-These world leaders kept women down "beneath" men (by society's standards) in every aspect they could successfully for centuries. 

Did you know that Mary Magdalene wrote a book that was meant to be part of the bible but was discarded? She mentioned that Jesus confided in her and gave her secrets before telling others. The 12 top dogs in his circle were not happy with this especially Peter. Mention of this has actually made it into the bible's we read today. But the thought of Jesus entrusting a woman with such powerful information over his top 12 men would have sent the wrong message to the world and had to be discarded. To me that sounds like a man running some things by his woman before taking it to the office the next day. And some "extreme" ideas just don't make it to the office at all. Sound familiar? People do that every day.

Did you know that there is a female God mentioned numerous times in the bible? She is said to come together with a male God to be the one perfect God that we pray to. Most of those mentions were discarded, burned, and cast away with the other forbidden writings. Once again the thought of females being anywheres near as important as a man was too horrific for the world leaders. However, she is still mentioned 44 times in 9 different books of the New Testament. 
*We all have seen how the attempts to keep women down turned out. They couldn't even vote till the 20th century. 

Did you know that Jesus, very often, spoke of himself as "just like one of us"? He repeatedly preached that we all have the same exact abilities as him to tap into the divine information as he did. We just had to learn how. But once again the world leaders thought that information was to important so they burned all that they could, made it illegal to preserve, and wrote exactly what they wanted in it's place. 

Did you know that there were more than 21 documented Books of Revelations and they were all pushed aside because they seemed crazy? The were just tossed aside and burned because some guys in a room didn't like them. 

Did you know that the Book of Revelations, that people memorize and swear by today, was originally thrown out with the other discarded books of revelations? They literally just picked the least weirdest one and "threw it in" there. Once again, this is all documented and public knowledge! 
** "Pick the least weirdest one and we'll keep that in there. Now lets move along to the next subject." I know it has to sting to find out that that's how these people hand picked what we've worshipped our whole lives but it is what it is. Denial will only hold you back. Absorb it and try to get past it as easily as possible. It wouldn't be the first time we were lied to on a global scale. Everybody knows that politicians are habitual liars. And these people were the biggest politicians of their time.**

Did you know that Christopher Columbus's father in law was a high ranking official in the Nights Templar. That's what the world leaders called themselves at that time. They were driven underground and Columbus was sent to America to establish a new world order where they could rule unopposed. 

Did you know that your social security number, that is mandatorily given to you at birth, makes you born into debt. During the great depression the US Government needed money. A privately owned bank called the Federal Reserve loaned the Government money in exchange for tagging each American citizen with a number (a social security number) in which they will pay America's debt for as long as they are in America or deal with America. Who ever heard of a loan where there's no pay off date, and everyone on the land has to pay. Every generation with no end in sight. That's the worst deal ever. Unless the 2 parties are "in bed" together. And yes for those who don't know, the Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned bank. ALL of that power in that company, controlled by a small group of people in a room with their own selfish set of agendas. Sound familiar?!
*American's put billions of dollars in these peoples pockets each month. You'd think they might want to keep their meal tickets happy. Nope! But greed causes collapse! 

And finally understand this. The people/organizations that ripped everything out of the bible that didn't follow their agenda, and added in exactly what they wanted to to satisfy that same agenda, are still large and in charge today. They've sucked the life out of this planet physically and emotionally (through morale). There is more than enough to go around yet a man hordes billions unwilling to release a penny. Their messed up ways have this world twisted upside down and in the palm of their hands just like their ancestors did in those rooms when they were writing their bibles. They go by many names and I don't really care to mention all of them. Every person who has stood against them has had their life threatened if not taken away. But our species will fail if it continues on this path and they know it. We will all be gone and their will be a horrible legacy left behind. Infinite beautiful moments covered by the worst kind of blanket a human can withstand. Nasa has discovered 16 new "Super Earths". But even if they mess this planet up with chem trails, pollution, etc. and they decide to head to a new one, the cancer is still there. The problem is them. They know this very well. And they know that change must happen. The BS has been going on for long enough. The world needs to know how to save itself. People need to know how to save themselves. 


*Disclosure: I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DISSING GOD, JESUS, NOR THE BIBLE!!! That was pretty clear but there are a few elderly haters out there that are stuck in their ways and don't like learning new information from people younger than them. So I repeat " I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DISSING GOD, JESUS, NOR THE BIBLE!!! I am NOT a "bible basher" smh. We all know that things have been taken out and put in the bibles. What we've been spoon fed and blindly followed for our whole lives is just bits and pieces of what was really intended to be the one true bible. You were lead to these words for a reason. And I can assure you that that reason was not to ruin your day :-)

Keep your eyes closed for as long as you want. But when you do decide to open them, you're going to see me standing there.

P.S. Do you mean to tell me that only one of these groups got it right and the rest are going to burn in hell? 

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