Money does make the world go around. If you’re one of those people who say “I don’t need money to be happy. Money doesn’t run my life” (and I get them everyday) then go to church and put all of your money in the collection plate. Every penny you have drop it and walk away.

Since money does make the world go around people tend to classify themselves and others by what they make. As a police officer I was making over $80,000 a year. Which means I was bringing in around $6,500 a month. One day I looked down at my body and held my arms straight out to my sides and I said to myself proudly "I am worth $6,500 a month".  Now that's nothing to shake a stick at from where I come from. But when I said it out loud I instantly felt like I was lying. Like that feeling you would get if you said to yourself that you’re standing on the moon. When you do that you’re subconscious kicks in and says “no you're not”. I felt like I was telling a lie to myself and I could not figure out why. Then it hit me. I looked down at the carpet in the room I was in, all around the room, and up the walls. I realized that I'm worth so much more than that. This house is mine. The happiness that this house brings to the people in it and around it is due to me. Even if you have a mortgage and the bank owns the house, the banks could come knocking tomorrow, or the world could end tomorrow. Either way right now, in this moment, you are providing a place to live for your family. 

This house, my kids, my relationships, the people I help daily, the people that take my advise, improving their lives, and pass it on to others, etc. That transfer of energy is all being given off by me. And its positively affecting and changing people's lives for the better everyday. They’re making better decisions and inspiring the people around them to do the same. The amount of things that are going on right now cause of people I’ve inspired or taught a positive lesson is crazy. When you look at it like that $6,500 a month being my self worth just doesn’t cut it. And, $6,500 a month or $80,000+ a year could be spent on a million different things. But the fact that I'm making the right choice to spend it on a nice home, gas, electric, good food, internet, etc. so that my children and I can enjoy our lives better, that in itself, is worth so much more than $80,000.

This is why I felt like I was lying to myself, because I was. How much money you make doesn’t define you. As a kid I would imagine that I somehow earned “an orange card”. It was excepted everywhere on earth and had unlimited money. I could just swipe and go. That’s when I realized that money ain’t shit. If everything is paid for I don’t ever need to think about it again. The same can’t be said about a loved one or a relationship. 

If I was to pay all of your bills (food included) for the rest of your life, what would you do? After relaxing, eating, and watching TV got old you would get bored and ancy. You’d feel without purpose and want to do something. 

Maybe you’d just need to get out, take a walk around the block. Well you never know who's watching. Someone could see you walking and say to themselves “I really need to stop procrastinating on my afternoon walks. I’ll make sure to go walk today”. Even if that person procrastinates again and doesn’t go out today, at the very least you’ve added another notch in their “procrastination guilt belt” for being lazy. That interaction you had with that person, without even knowing, may only be a drop of water in the ocean that it may take to get that person to get up and go. But what is an ocean, but a bunch of drops of water. 

Maybe you remind someone of their son or daughter that they need to make amends with. Maybe you reminded them of a Doctors appointment they need to make. Maybe you’re the highlight of a secret admirer’s day. You see that in movies all the time when a girl jogs by in slow motion glowing with beauty lol. I could go on with a thousand different scenarios. 

The point is, you have endless reasons to be proud of yourself. Don’t use money as one of them. If you got it and you’re happy about your financial situation then sure list it in the reasons to be proud of yourself. But the other stuff is more important. I’ve learned lessons from Eckhart Tolle that I am going to pass on to everyone I meet for the rest of my life. It’s that good. This man will effect millions in a super positive way. Had I been the only one he gave the information to he would’ve already effected over 300,000 documented people. That’s not including word of mouth. Now that’s something he could be proud of if he didn’t have a penny to his name. 

*If money was the only gauge then 98% of the world would not really be too proud about what they are. 

Know Your Worth