Q. A lot of times when I try to think a certain way, it seems hard if not impossible because I've been let down so much in life and I've learned to just expect less. And without being able to believe in certain ideas, I cannot manifest a better future. Any suggestion on how to combat this?

First, don't try to combat anything that the body is doing naturally. Your subconscious is doing what it does because that is what it is programmed to do. But as far as using the word impossible, stop it! All day long I talk to people who want better and when I explain to them that they have to have faith that it will get better, they say it's impossible. I try to get someone to see their spouse being a better person and they say "That ain't gonna happen". The same goes for people with jerk off supervisors. I try to get them on a positive note to produce more positive and they say "you can forget that". A lot of time, when someone is that far gone, I have to say "well then what are you talking to me for. You're already convinced that it will never get better, and what I say isn't going to change your negative opinion so what are we doing here." It's a shame that I have to but sometimes it takes me saying that to get through to them. 

My whole thing is that I'm trying to connect people with God in a way that they've never known before. I mean beyond best friends. God to me is like my older twin brother who lives inside of me. My life has dramatically changed for the better since I first began to see it this way and I win at practically everything I do. I lead by example and will never go back to any old ways of thinking. Oprah refers to God like a parrot on her shoulder. Every decision she makes is with him. No activity is done alone. I want you to see God this way so that when you go to him for help, you think to yourself that he can move mountains. And he wants to move them for you. You just gotta know how to ask. When you adapt this mentality anything is possible. Things like getting your spouse to be more of a spouse and getting your supervisor to end his personal vendetta against you seem like less than child's play and well within the realm of reach. So the next time myself or someone suggest you have faith in things changing for the better don't lead off with "o that will never happen" or "you can forget about that happening". Your only other option is to stay negative about it. Let me know how that works out for you. You have the ultimate power at your side. God wants you to have everything you've ever wanted more than you do. Have faith and let him give them to you. Stay present.

And by the way, why are most supervisors assholes? If you're a supervisor, or you know one, check yourselves. Don't get a little bit of power and become assholes. Of course, do your job, by all means. But personal vendetta's, racism, etc. leave that stuff at home. If you made a pass at female, and she refused, be happy you still got your job. Don't treat her like dirt from now on. That's just not cool.

It seems impossible