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Here's the deal. Over the years I've come up with some pretty good ideas for inventions. And for those of you who don't know, when you go to one of the invention companies, they want around $13,000.00 to get an invention up and running. So up until now, most of my inventions have remained in my mind, as a secret. To be most effective in this world I've decided to share my ideas in hopes that one day the world can benefit from my creative side. Call me Crazy, lol! but those who know me, wouldn't be surprised at all!


-Some time in the early 90's (before 1994) I was hooked on the game Street Fighter 2. And i was a huge Comic Book Character fan with a very large collection of Comic Books and Cards. I'll never forget this. I went up to my dad one day and said "hey dad, if we created a video game with Street Fighter character fighting Comic Book characters, everyone would buy it." he replied "boy ain't nobody gonna by that shit!" LMFAO. I love my pops. And I'm sure there's been millions of gamers who have also thought the same thing. Kudos to their creativity, and congrats to the people who capitalized on it. 

-In 1995 we moved into a new home. A lot bigger than the apartment we had moved from. One day coming back form a weekend vacation to Wildwood, the house was blazing hot. I went to the thermostat box and said to my dad "what do you think about a box that you can call and push a few buttons to control the temperature from any phone anywhere". he replied "boy ain't nobody gonna spend money on that, when they could just set it before they leave the house!" I said what what about last minute schedule changes and stuff". I got no answer but the idea always stayed with me. I was 14 at that time. As you can see with technology the way it is, someone else has tapped into their creative forces and made my idea into a reality. And for that, I thank them. Them creating those devices reassures me that my creations and ideas are in fact not only good, but great ideas worth millions. That alone is payment enough for me. Every time I see a commercial for this I laugh a little and consider it a success.

-1998 Creds: My "Cred" system

-1999. Me and my cousin Taz use to eat at the Philly Diner almost every night. And they use to have the best chicken fingers. I have to admit, Taz did introduce me to dipping them in buffalo sauce, I wasn't a big chicken finger person. But it only took me seconds before I placed an ordered to have mine covered with buffalo sauce. Everywhere we ate I would order my chicken fingers smothered in buffalo sauce. And everywhere I went they looked at me like I was crazy. Now they're on every menu I see. Buffalo Chicken Fingers. It's silly, I never thought to give it a name. I would just ask if they could smother my chicken fingers in buffalo sauce lol.

-Somewhere around 1999 or 2000 i was playing a game called Shenmue for my Sega Dreamcast. I was hooked on that game. Anyway, it was cold outside (in New Jersey) and I had been playing for hours with a blanked on and it was a haste to deal with. Then it hit me. "Throw some sleeves and maybe a pocket or 2 in this blanket and I'm good"! Sound familiar? And as i said before, I'm sure there's been millions of gamers who have also thought the same thing. Kudos to their creativity, and congrats to the people who capitalized on it. 

-"Parm Poppers" 
sometime in 2004 while eating my favorite food, chicken parm, I came up with an idea to wrap a thin piece of chicken around a tube shaped piece of mozzarella cheese. Or inject a tube shaped peice of chicken with mozzarella cheese and dip it in some maranara sauce. Thus was born "Parm Poppers". I tore my kitchen apart making prototypes. Adding different ingredients, spices, etc. Invention company wanted $14,000.00 and "up to 6 months" to make a move. SMH!

-"Ringtone Shuffler" 
2006. You can create a file of ringtones that rotates every time your phone rings. This will have an option to exclude the ringtones that are assigned to specific contacts. I've got so many classic ringtones on my phone, and I'm tired of hearing the same one for every call. And who wants to constantly change their ringtones? Surprise me!

-"Neo's Spirit Beads" 
In September of 2010 I saw a rise in the sales of rosaries. But they weren't colorful and they were expensive. I had a thought, to make affordable rosaries that served their normal purpose plus could be stylish. That was the start of Neo's Spirit Beads, and Theme or team colored rosaries that don't cost an arm and a leg. is still up and running and open for business. And since my first order of beads and strings we have been sending rosaries to US Soldiers.

-"Mirror Crown Molding" 
January 2011. Imagine if the crown, chair (middle), and floor molding of a black and white living room were all mirrors. Actually picture it, being able to see your reflect in the top mirror. A middle row that would seem to catch your eye when you move. And while your seated on a sofa, you can see behind you :)   And floor molding that kinda makes the walls seem like there hanging form the ceiling. I'd pay a pretty penny for that.

-"Ringtone Timer App" (mobile app)
A cell phone app that will allow the user to set what times of day that he/she wants their cell phone to go from ring to silent/vibrate. ie. phone is set to automatically go to silent/vibrate from 10pm till 9am.

-"Universal Control" 
In June of 2011 I came up with an idea to make little plugs that plug into a wall, and you can plug things into them. The power supply to these plugs can be controlled by a remote, or your mobile device. This way anything you can plug into a wall (like lamps, radio's, etc.) can have a on/off remote.  
Cyber storage with a few twist, tweaks, and cash give aways! UNDER CONSTRUCTION

-CYB App (mobile app): 2011
Count Your Blessings App. A mobile app that will sound an alarm asking the user what good thing has happened to them so far today (ie. around noon / lunch break). If the user is having a particularly bad day and decides not to answer, the alarm will sound again hours later (ie. after work) asking them again. The messages can be customized (so there not to aggressive), and the number of daily alarms can be changed as well. When the user does decide to respond to the alarm and type in a reply, it is recorded and can be viewed in chronological order. So you can always look at your phone, no matter what mood your in, and see several reasons to smile. The world needs more of the feeling a smile brings!

-The Safe Kids initiative: 2014
A facial recognition software program will do the following:
    -Find pictures of your children on the internet (ie. social media sites). *will ONLY work with CHILDREN that you have documented proven legal custody of.
    -Warn the account holder of a 30 day suspension if all pictures of your child are not deleted.
    -Provide public profile information on the account that has the child's pictures to the parents.
    -Appropriately handle all disputes for "look alike" pictures (for the cases where it is, in fact, not your child)
    -Establish and maintain a reputable relationship with all social networking websites so the suspension and termination (if need be) of all not compliant accounts can be swift, warranted, and documented.

*If the account you child's pictures are on is in fact secretly owned and operated by your child then at least they won't be able to post nor send pics (ie. social network's unboxing systems). 

-Social Media Group Following: 2014
ie. If you're a big fan of a show (or movie, group, band, etc) you should be able to, in one click, to follow all of the "major" members of that show/movie etc. 

-"All Natural Competition": 2014
A beauty competition involving no make up nor hair product judged on just the face. Categories include: Best Natural Male, Best Natural Female, Best Natural Male with Assisted Hair Styling (all hair styling must be done backstage on date of event for all categories), Best Natural Female with Assisted Hair Styling, etc. All Natural beauty being acknowledged. 

-Website called "Highlights Plus" 2015
A website similar to youtube but it's just highlight films of all categories. Short sweet and to the point and another "Plus" section for those same videos with a few extra good clips added to them. The good stuff that didn't make the actual highlight film. Just highlights. No babies throwing up in their mom's mouths as funny as that is. Just highlight films.

-"Drone Wars": 2016

Drone warfare style competitions using laser tag.

Ok you guys know I love participating in wartime shooting scenarios ie. my video games obsessions, paintballing, police work, etc. And you know I'm literally, over the top, obsessed with flying specifically helicopters and quadcopters aka drones. Well if you put them together you've got "Drone Wars". Race drone multi-rotors with advanced laser tag equipment onboard. Boom!

Since there are no real "shoot" buttons on professional transmitter like my DX6, I thought we could