Impress Me

I've found it 100 times easier figure things out by breaking it down to the very basics of it's existence. Not the basics you're thinking about, they're to specific. Go deeper!
For example, transportation. If you were a cave man you walked. Cowboys road horses, and we use cars and planes now. The future will be something else. But how get around as a subject is as general as it gets. No matter what year it is, we all have to get around and it's called transportation. 
Another example is shelter. The cave men lived in caves, I live in a house. A homeless person in a winter rain storm my choose to sleep under the bridge like the do in Camden. Many different names shapes sizes and preferences but they're all shelter. 
As people we want things. Food, water, air, toys. And we feel a certain way when we get them as opposed to when we don't get them. Lack of food makes you upset. Lack of air makes you very upset to say the least. New toys can make you very happy. And by toys I mean houses, cars, etc. the stuff we can't take with us when we go.

Now lets talk about God (or whoever you believe created you and is creating the world around you as you go). Whether you believe this or not doesn't matter. Let's just say that God says to us "ok, I've given you this precious gift called life. What are you going to do with it. Are you going to make me proud, or are you going to make me feel sorry for you.

There are 2 sides to the scale. You're either very happy, very sad or somewhere in between. Every situation you've every been in, your first kiss, a car accident, it doesn't matter you're either very happy, vary sad, or somewhere in between. Forget about individual experiences, they all have this in common so lets examine it. 

One of these feelings feels really good to everyone on the planet. And one of them feels like literal pain in your chest. This goes for everyone. We know which on is good for us because it feels good. And we know which one we'd like to avoid. 

Most religions say, in one way or another, that we are God children. All the parents reading this know how painful it is to see your child failing or in pain. And the joy that can be brought from a job well done. Something to be proud of. 

And If you don't believe in God, we are the universes creation. I don't think the universe would create us so we can experience pain all day every day. It hurts for a reason. Heartache hurts like burning yourself cause it's something that we should naturally avoid.

So God or not, it's natural to avoid pain. God/the universe created us to be happy. But in the end it's our choice. So much like us parents, we created our children however we can't do anything but hope they're experiencing the better of the two choices. So we watch. Like a movie. And we're happy when they are, and where sad when they are.