This is when I got heavy in to FPV Flight. First Person Point of View flights. Fatshark goggles and sitting in the pilots chair quickly became an obsession.

Here's another vid of the Venus EPO in action.

Average day at the park.

Up until the Yak 55 I was using the Devo 7 transmitter (or TX) on all my aircrafts except for the drone of course. I was using the RX 701 and RX 601 receivers to make them work. But I couldn't insult this plane with a Walkera TX, no offense to Walkera. I had always been straddling the line between Spektrum and Fatuba. After asking a million people it all came down to preference and I went with the Spektrum DX6.

Which brings me to my Mini Vapor. This plane is made out of the thinnest plastic you can find. Thinner than paper. So even 1 mph wind will send it flying so outdoor flight is not enjoyable. But it's too big and fast to be controlled indoors. Or so I thought. In the spirit giving old birds a second chance I decided to give the Mini Vapor a second change. Fly it around my garage in circles. I instantly fell in love. My recent 3d experiences have steadied my hands which allowed me to work the hell out of this thing in my garage. 

Then I bought a plane, technically a "wing", and couldn't get it to fly right no matter what I did. We'll get back to that in a second.

2015 a year to be remembered.

I dug deeper in my search for a great 3d plane and ended up with the Yak 55 form Nitro Planes.  It's probably the 2nd most  flown plane in my fleet. This plane was the plane I dreamed of since I first saw one hover. The EPP foam withstood all the crazy crashes I put it through. I like to try all my tricks at about 5 to 6 feet up but that doesn't give you a lot of time to recover if things go wrong. O and I picked up another Venus EPO just for GP ;-)

Here's a video I took in Atlantic City. Little did I know this drone was defective and needed to be returned and fixed. Average turn around was 8 to 6 weeks I think. It took them over 12 so they didn't charge me for the fix.

My obsession with flying

For literally years this thing sat in my garage doing nothing. I though about throwing it away cause it was taking up space. Now It's one of my favorites. I will always have a wing in my collection. That's how fun they are.

You're probably wondering what it is I'm landing on. Well one day I saw that my collection was getting bigger and bigger and repairing things on my dining room table wasn't going to cut it so I went to Lowes with confidence and thought and ended up with this a few hours later. My workstation.

And then came the drones. FPV at it's finest. First came the Inductrix FPV (left). Then came the QX 95 (right). But as you can see in the video the QX95 was a bust. 

* NEVER ORDER FROM BANGGOOD. They sold me a broken product then basically said Fu$k You. Read the description and comments in the youtube video for full details. 

I reviewed a couple of other drones for companies but they were trash.

The Sky Viper (left) and the Sharper Image Dx1 (right)

Ok so one day I was researching the next step up from the Mini CP which is the V120D02S. I didn't exactly have the money to get it so I was going to wait till my next payday. Due to crashes (I'm an extreme 3d pilot always pushing the limits with 3d) I had just ordered a new $70 ESC unit. I patiently waited a few days for it, installed it, and life was good again. Balance was now restored in the universe. While outside, during my first flight with the new ESC "somebody" (I'm not going to mention any names) came outside asking me all kinds of questions. In frustration I took my eyes off the prize for one second, during figure 8's, and by the time I looked back she was over the lake behind my yard. Being around 8 inches long, only of which 3.5 you can see from far away, she looked like a dot in the sky. Only about 30 feet above the lake I knew I had to turn, see which way it started heading, compensate, do some mental math, then bring her home. But in a split second she was gone. Literally swimming with the fishes. 

In true Neo form, I went in the house upset and ordered another Mini CP and and V120D02s. I don't know why but I felt like I had to. After I ordered (pulling from some savings) I stood up from my chair and said out loud "No, you can't stop universe. Take 1 from me and I'll not only order another, but the upgraded bigger better version to". The my daughter walked into my office and asked me if I was talking to myself lol smh. I never let money hold me back from happiness before and I took that as a sign that I shouldn't have done it then. And I was right. 

In comes the new Mini CP and The V120D02s.

Don't be fooled as I was. This plane is fast and cannot hover or maneuver in tight spaces like the video shows. He obviously has some mods and that was confirmed by the people at Nitroplanes. Even in their videos they use upgraded motors to do the good tricks. 

I've always had an obsession with flying, helicopters in particular cause they could hover. My senior year in high school (1999) I picked up this helicopter from the hobby shop in the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey for around $420 plus tax. Back then that was a lot of money. It took me a while to save up but I couldn't be stopped. 1,600 parts and 8 days later I attempted flight. Had I known then what I know now I wouldn't have even bought that heli let alone try to fly it. I never quite made it off the ground for more than 1 to 2 seconds. It's like balancing a tennis ball on a pizza box but WAYYYY HARDER.

$60 at lowes plus another 20 on corkboard and I was set. I even put in a landing strip cause I was averaging like 20 flights a day indoor with my Mini Vapor. Each flight I probably landed 10+ times. I was really focused on landing cause I was doing a lot of flying at home which means landing in tight spaces or into my hands. Landings are a lot smoother now. And yes that's paint tape lol. I use what I got!

This beautiful Transmitter opened my world up. It worked with all my bnf planes and came with 2 receivers as a gift. The AR610 and the AR636 which has the as3x software. To those who don't know what that is. Picture the wind is strong enough to knock your plane around a bit. The program will compensate and account for the wind giving you a smooth flight even if bug gust come out of nowhere. 

So I was basically flying all of my planes on this except 1. Which brings me back to my popwing.

I called and called and after speaking with the right person at Nitroplanes I got the wires for the ESC/Motor right. And this thing flew like a beauty. It's only 3 channels but it's fast as hell and fun as hell to fly.

This is my actual 1st flight with the Venus EPO. And being how my first airplane, the Cessna, was a bust (literally) and the flying truck was a truck, this is actually my first RC Airplane flight ever. My heart was beating out of my chest. This thing took a long time to build and would not hover despite my best efforts. But she can take a beatin!!

Flying indoor was nice but I wanted to soar like a bird over the trees. More like superman. Then came my baddest drone yet. The Diatone Crusader GT2 200. If you ever want to know how superman feels, fly this drone. But log about 20 hours on a simulator first. Or this is going to be one expensive experiment. But if you think I paid a penny for this, you're wrong. This was a gift from an investor. Me being happy greatly assist in my creativity. And since I work for free (volunteer), I have to get my toys from somewhere ;-)

Also in 2012 they started flying the little 3.5 channel heli's in the mall. I bought 1 and was instantly hooked. I ended up buying a bunch more cause I love to upgrade and challenge my skills . Here is a quick video I put together one day.  But I absolutely need 2 things that these birds couldn't give me. A 4th channel and the ultimate: Outdoor Flight!

With my Yak doing it's thing outside, and my Mini Vapor keeping me occupied on windy or rainy days indoor, I was set. Or was I? I wanted to do 3d indoor and the only plane on the market that can do that is the AS3Xtra which was bind and fly with my DX6. P.s. I'm so glad I went with Spektrum instead of Fatuba. 

I decided I was going to give outdoor aka strong helicopter a try and while watching a youtube video I saw the coolest thing I've ever seen before. A helicopter that can fly upside down. After a whole bunch of duediligence I ended up with the Mini CP. The best in the market of it's size. I needed something that could handle crashes and I could fly indoor. Jersey weather sucks. And it worked with my Devo 7 so I was sold. I bought the $30 Clearview Flight Simulator,  perfected my craft and had some fun.

Side note: This glue sucks. I use a hot glue gun to build my planes and repair them in seconds. If I used this glue it would've take me over a day to build this plane. And as you can see, it isn't cheap. $12 for the glue and $7 for the activator. Save your money, go to the dollar store and get a hot glue gun and some ammo. 

A week later came the big dog. The Sport Cub. This one was cool as hell cause it's the twin to my original 1st plane. The Cessna 747. I knew what what I wanted, I knew what I had to do. See myself flying this big beautiful bird.... for free. And as you can see, I got it. There's no room for error with this thing. It's bigger and heavier that anything I had ever flown before with a 51 inch wing span. Which means one crash and I'm done. Well I'm still flying today with 0 crashes under my belt with this plane. I absolutely love flying her.

The week I got her it was scheduled to rain for the next 8 days. I couldn't wait. The rain stopped for a few minutes and I took off. Right in front of my house. I need you to fully grasp what I'm saying. I had to take off and land this huge plane in a neighborhood full of trees powerlines, houses, and cars. Not to mention my landing strip was about 30 meters smh. I knew the chances and I took them. It's basically like trying to land a real plane in a football stadium with high walls. A steep drop (which picks up speed) onto a short runway. Zero room for error. 

I attached a keychain camera to the top of the plane and upgraded the wheels. Although the new wheels are way too heavy so I put the original ones back on. 

This is my favorite plane to date. Perfection!

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with flying. Take a journey with me as I recap and reminisce about my flights and the crafts God has blessed me with.​​​

Here's the case unboxing video.

There's nothing like flying an airplane. Once you take away the ability to stop when danger strikes, you enter a whole new mindset. A more challenging one. But to avoid waisting several hundred dollars I decided to start small. I saw a few youtube video's about this thing called a flying truck. One look, and I was done. I had to have it and I did. And I made me thirst for plane flight even more.

The Cessna Lanyu 747: In 2012  I bought one of these planes because I heard it was the best beginner around and I was a beginner. The 1st plane they sent had bad servos so they sent me a whole new one. 

It all really started with this bird. Over an hours worth of build and here is my flight. After this I was determined.

Take off and landing strip smh.

This plane and the Popwing have kind of the same story. I bought it, flew it, hated it, then years later it became a hero later.

I'll update with pics soon:

In 2016 I decided to go back to the roots. That perfect flying beginner plane. I wanted a Sport cub but with over a 4 foot wingspan I was a little intimidated. I had never flew anything this big before and I was use to crashing because I do tricks the whole flight and I stay low to the ground. No room for error. But I couldn't do this with this plane.  I decided to got with the Sport Cub S because it was the same thing but smaller. 

That same day I saw a truck flying down the road and decided I needed to join the "ground" part of the RC world so I manifested a Ruckus truck to. 

I've flown this plane twice as many times as I have any other aircraft I have. Being in such a tight space with a small landing strip provides a challenge that has never gotten old. And probably never will. 

2014 The year of the Drone. 

As you can see every summer I choose a hobby to explore and I master it. This year I saw a drone quadcopter flying in FPV (First Person View) and once again, I was hooked. Had to have it! I got literally the last one available on the market. I called every dealer in America and emailed some foreign. Mine came with 2 extra $150 batteries so naturally that raised the price $300 so I was reluctant to buy it. But after calling around and realizing I was about to loose out and have to wait a few months for them to make more, I pulled the plug. $1,600.00 for the brand new to the market Phantom 2 Vision Plus with 2 back up batteries. The $300 for the case put me up to $1,900.00 total for this thing and man was it worth every penny. 

I made too many videos to post so you'd have to go to my youtube page to see them all.

May 2012. In comes the Ladybird. My first 4 channel copter and my first Quadcopter. This bird only came with a Walkera transmitter (Devention or Devo 7: Hardest transmitter in the history of transmitter to program. No exaggeration, google it). This combo taught me how handle 4 channels, how to understand and replace all the parts involved, how important the transmitter is, and a lot more. I love this little Ladybird and still fly her to this day. Fast as hell and east to repair i used this quadcopter to prepare me for my first drone the Phantom 2 Vision Plus by DJI. Xbox and other systems use mode 4. In the RC world Mode 2 is the most common in the US. But my P2V+ didn't come in mode 4 so I had to learn. In the days before it's arrival I flew this phantom 2 vision plus obsessively. And perfected it.

You may be wondering why there's 2. Well I go one stuck in a tree about 12 feet up in the air. I threw a wiffle ball bat at the branch perfectly and knocked the plane loose. My attempts to catch it failed and it hit the ground. I could see that it didn't break at all so for a split second I was relieved. Then the wiffle ball bat came down on it and totally destroyed the entire rear section. In true Neo form, I went back to the Hobby Shop on 70 in Cherry Hill where I got this bird, bought the replacement parts and spare one cause it flew so nice. And real rc pilots know how horrible it is to be grounded with no back up. 

Because the weather is so bad in jersey I also picked up this Mini Vapor (2013).

The last plane I got in 2015 was the FPV Vapor. It came with a camera FPV set up which enabled me to have a cockpit or nose view while in flight. My only other set up to do this is my drone so it was amazing to fly like this on a plane. Remember, on a plane when things go wrong you can't just stop and hover like a quadcopter. You have to think fast and react. You're money is literally on the line. Well, not mine lol, didn't pay for most of this stuff.

2013. Ok so I got a little taste of a real airplane. Speed, going so high I can barely see it anymore, twist, flips, crashes, all that good stuff. But I wanted to fly slower and in a smaller area like at my house. My research led me to a Champ. Once I saw a youtube video of this thing taking off from a picnic table I knew it was the one. No runway needed.

Summer 2013. I wanted to get into airplanes now. I felt as though I reached my limits with 3d helicopters so I researched 3d Planes. Once again I saw the most beautiful thing I had ever seen a plane do. Hover! I instantly began researching rc planes that hover and ended up with the Nitroplanes Venus EPO. Here is the video that sold me.

DX6 tutorial