I was going over my nightly rituals, and my proactive meditation exercises daily and I kept coming up with the same problem. Too many variables. Variables make the mind wonder which is not good when your looking for peace and stillness in your mind. So it just dawned on me one night that I should try to simplify things. Go back to my roots and break everything down to it's most basic core

I'm always saying to get to the basic root of all things. Once you find the answer to the roots, you have the answer to anything that follows that format.
Battles. People have money problems, relationship problems, issue with their kids or co-workers, etc. but the thing about it is that they all have a common denominator. There is a goal in mind, and it can either be successfully reached or failed to be reached. No matter the issue big or small once you set a goal, it can be passed or failed. 
    -You want to go to the store and get some food and make it home and eat it. Game on! Thats an easy goal but a goal none the less
    -You want to have a successful relationship with your spouse. Game on! Will you pass or fail?
    -I'm gonna work out today!!! No more procrastinating. Game on! Will you pass or put it off till tomorrow again?
    -Worried about paying a bill on time? Game on! Pass or fail?
    -You want to win that game, argument, prize, debate, race, competition, etc. The game is on and you now have the possibility of passing or failing. You might not even really care about failing but that doesn't change the fact that the goal has been set and at the end of it all your subconscious will either store a pass or a fail in your memory bank (which, by the way, weights in on your decision to do certain things in the future).
Breaking it down to the root... they're all battles!

How do you defeat all battles?
Answer: Just know that you've already won

And the next question: How am I to believe that i'm in a race that i've already won when my whole life i've been trained to believe that where one race ends another begins where the possibility of losing returns?
Answer: Faith!

but we already know that. Thats just an example of how I break things down to the root so it can be applied to any situation. Now to the good stuff!

Lets say you want a job, car, or promotion... In order to manifest this experience you'd first have to see and feel what it would feel like to have that experience. Lets use a car for example. In the spirit of thoughts becoming things, the 3rd Law of Motion, and Mark 11:24 in order to get the car you'd have to see yourself (in first person point of view) driving that car and experiencing the feeling that you would have if you had the car. *side note: if you had the car you wouldn't want it as badly as you do now... food for thought* Anyway, so we know how to manifest a car. Simply see yourself in the experience of driving "your" car and feel that wonderful feeling that you would have if you were driving "your car" and, like the magnet that you are, bring that experience closer to you until it's here (watering the seed). But there's a problem with that. A big problem. Your subconscious wants you present at all times. It will shoot down all of your beautiful daydreams one at a time by proving to you, that "that's not what's really happening right now", thus bringing you back to this moment. Remember, that's your subconscious just doing it's job. But by it doing it's job it's simultaneously ruining the proactive manifesting that you were trying to accomplish. Even worse, for most people, the subconscious will begin shooting down your vision within 2 or 3 seconds smh. 

"So how do you get around that?" is what people have been asking me for years. And I actually couldn't answer that for a while.
You could start off a proactive manifesting session by seeing yourself in your dream car. Seconds later you'll be fighting the subconscious when it started to say "you don't have that, that's not real". Then after you get a few minutes with that subject you could move onto your dream cruise. Seeing yourself there, feeling the experience. Then begin to battle your subconscious again. Then you could move onto another subject and repeat. In the spirit of proactive manifesting I encourage you to do this as often as possible because it actually does work. But theres a faster less grueling way. What does gaining all those experiences have in common? 
What's their root?
They're all WINS!    They're all you setting a goal and accomplishing them. Wanting to do something, then successfully manifesting that experience into your life. If you want to go on a cruise and you see it until you do it, that's a win baby!!!
So instead of focusing on that cruise, that you've never been on, and being interrupted constantly by your subconscious saying "That's not whats really happening right now" (in a naggin annoying voice lol). Focus on the wins. And that's the Key

Focus on the wins in your life and manifest more wins in your life. It could take all day for you to sit back, focus on, and imagine yourself doing and feeling all the things you want to experience in life one at a time. Make no mistake... that will work!!! But an easier way to touch on them all at once would be to just appreciate your wins, thus manifesting more wins. God/The Universe knows what you want. And you appreciating a win will manifest more wins, more confidence in your ability to win, and more bigger wins.

People take most things in their life for granted. I don't care if its going to the bathroom successfully or making it to the grocery store and back safely, they're both goals and we pass/win them easily every day and show no thanks. Beause we just expect it. Some people wake up in the morning and thank God for the wake up. That's because they appreciate that there are people that weren't as fortunate that day as them. Now i'm not say that you should say a prayer every time you go to the bathroom, but how could it hurt to see it as a task completed, a job well done, and a win. How many old people do you know that have bathroom issues. Most of the ones I know do. And they wish and look forward to the opportunities where they can thank God for a normal bathroom experience. It's human nature to take things for granted until their gone. And thats the test. 

Can we as people continue to show appreciation for the things that we've grown bored of? Things that we'd miss dearly if they were gone, but we don't think about it until they are.
Answer: It's obviously not in our nature to do so, but if it were, life would be too easy/uninteresting.

So acknowledge your wins. I don't care if you have a dry mouth and your getting a drink of water. If it pops into your head to thank God then do so. But throw the word win in there because it is a win. You had an objective and you successfully completed it no matter how easy it is. Some people can run a 4.3 second 40 yard dash and not think nothing of it cause there inching their way towards a 4.2 second time. Meanwhile a 4.3 time is something most men would kill for at at least one point in their lives. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Some people don't have access to clean refreshing water like you do. So appreciate it, and consider it a win. Putting yourself in a life situation to where fresh clean water is easily accessible to you is a definite solid goal for any person on this planet. And you've completed that goal. You've won! So be thankful as often as possible!

**If you had the car, financial status, marital status, etc. that you want you wouldn't want it the way you do now. Instead you'd be living and loving the dream and thankful for it. That feeling is what you have to feel now. Thats what you have an imagination for. That's it's purpose. There isn't anything you have that's just there for no reason. This is your imagination's purpose. To write your future mirroring the emotions you give off. "I wish I had" bring more "I wish I had", and "thank you for this win", breeds more "thank you for this win".

Have you ever wondered why you have an imagination. Why you have the ability to dream these dreams, that can seem so real, with no limitations. Everything in your life has had limitations: How much you could move in the whom, how far you can reach now that your out, how high you can jump, how much you can spend, what lines not to cross, etc. Your whole life has been consumed with limitations with the exception of your imagination. Over there there's no limits. 

How to Win