Think about it, the bible really should be called "How to live". Cause that's what it teaches. Lessons on how we should be as people. It has a lot of great points but since the stories can't be proven it leaves a large percentage of the world in doubt. Now here is usually the point where religious people say that it can be proven and when I say how, they either say: "cause my pastor says so", "cause a book says so", or "because it just is". 

The people with those kind of responses are automatically disqualified from being taken seriously because we all know none of those answers would hold up in a courtroom. 

But I don't debate on things like whether Jesus died on the cross or Allah, it's a waste of my time. Those are beliefs that cannot be proven. 

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In order to help all people in all races and religions (etc.) I needed to just focus on the things that we all have in common.

For example:

We all smile the same when we're happy.

No matter what the language, when you walk into an angry (or negative energy) room you know it.

We all want financial stability weather it be dollars or pesos.


So I took everything in Science that is labeled a theory and put it to the side with everything in religion can't proven (in a court of the law) and it all matched up perfectly. Like a perfect intricate 4 dimensional spiderweb Science and Religion become one. 

"Life itself just laid out perfectly". 

"No need for blind faith, no answers we should chase, I tried it and it works religiously. Soon all my troubles were erased

-From my poem "The Resume"

So I put it into words that todays generations could understand. No more "who art though that knowith the.....". 

I understand and respect the way they use to talk way back then. But all that has done was open single sentences each into dozens of interpretations causing more books to be written and confuse our younger generation to the point were they scared away and intern put their all into the next trends like the naynay or the whip. They've literally had nothing solid to hold onto their whole lives so they jump from one thing to the next. 

Well here's my version. And I'm calling it "How to Live".

How to live