Here's one of my favorites and it goes right along with everything else. When you're preying or proactively manifesting using Mark 11:24 format (See it as though you already have it and it will be yours) all you have to do is envision the exact experience of having the object you want but image if you had gotten if for free. Getting things for free comes with a certain feeling. Like the Gods of luck are shining down on you lol. 
Start off small. Use a free meal, or something under $10.00. Imaging getting it for free then, being thankful for getting it for free. Hold on to that feeling for as long as possible as often as possible. Soon something will come to you and you'll know it's a gift from God. All you have to do then is appreciate the free object some more thus manifesting more free stuff into your life. Remember to choose your words carefully, and see it as thought it's yours. There's no wanting involved if its already in your hands. 

How to get things for free