I'm going to try to keep this one as simple as possible. A saying just came to me one night and it's been so effective to my listeners that I use it almost every day. "If you want to smile when you think about your spouse, you must first smile when you think about your spouse".

Manifesting actions from someone is just as easy as manifesting a car, or even a cheeseburger into your life. Mark 11:24 See it as if its yours and it will be. I have friends that come to me constantly listing the bad things that their spouses do and I can tell that they're really passionate by their facial expressions and emotions. And I say the same thing to them all. "Damn, it seems like you've been thinking about this a lot lately". And they say "yea, it's all I can think about". Then I give them my "Seriously" look and they realize what they've just done. Manifested their tomorrow's experiences. 
Weather you focus on debt or not having debt your focus is on debt and thats what you'll attract into your life. Understand that you cannot attract an object into your life. What you attract is your experience with that object. So for debt, whether your focussing on having it or not having it, your focus is on it, and that's what you'll experience. The same applies to all other experiences including the experience of feeling broke, and the horrible experience of feeling a failing relationship. You have to be careful what your focusing on and especially what your saying when you're venting to a friend. You are literally writing tomorrow's story. Yes you can feel a since of relief when you vent, but to vent to 5 different people each day about the same problem... come on now! Now your looking for attention. 

Back to the subject. If your spouse is acting like a butthole there is only one thing you can do to make things truly better. See the positive in them. I know it seems hard in the heat of the moment but are you willing to proactively change your thought process, after an argument, to save your relationship? Because if you're pissed off about an experience you've had with your spouse and you shift your thought process to something positive about them you'll not only notice a change (maybe not that day lol smh), but you're also saving yourself some heartache. Fighting and arguing not only doesn't feel good, but it's technically considered pain that your experiencing. Find something positive about your spouse and hold on to it, if not for manifesting a better tomorrow, do it for yourself. Save yourself some heartache and in doing so you're practicing staying calm in hectic situations. Its literally a win, win, win. 

-If your a guy and you want your wife to cook for you like she use to, do yourself a favor, reminisce about that home cooked meal and how it made you feel every day and watch the magic happen. 
-Ladies, if your mad doesn't seem as romantic as he use to be, take a few moments out of your day (every day - trust me its worth it) to think back and feel what it was like when he was pulling out all the stops to impress you. And when you finally get what you want, think of this website and how it could improve other situations in your life.

Now to address the single people out there looking for love....
To avoid sounding crazy and making suggestions that may seem crazy I'm just going to leave you with this self explanatory scripture and let you drawl your own conclusion of what your willing to do for love.
Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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