How do you get a better Job? Simply put, you have to appreciate the one you have. No matter how sucky it is, you have to do it. In order to think to yourself, in the future, "I love my job" you have to first think it now. Think it, love it, live it. Hating only brings more hate, and love only brings more love. If you don't have a job or your trying to get a promotion, see yourself in that position. Spend as much time during the day as you can imagining it. To the common eye it may seem foolish, but trust me this method works. I live by it and it's never let me down. Imagining yourself in the position you want to be in brings out a specific feeling. The same feeling you would have if you had that position and that's the key to it all. The more time you spend thinking and feeling that feeling, the quicker it will come to you. You have to water that seed to get what you want. All seeds have to be watered to grow. Plants, children, ideas, etc. 

Do a little proactive manifesting as often as you can. Find a nice quiet spot, preferably pitch black, and just experience the work day as if you had the exact position you want. Really get into it and feel it. Enjoy it! And it's very important that you don't worry about the middle man. That's not your job. Focus on the end result and leave the footwork to God or The Universe. When you try to map out a path on how your going to reach your goal you'll start to subconsciously throw in obstacles and that will definitely throw off your thought process. See the position as if you already have it. Nothing more needs to be done. No bridges need to be crossed, you're already there. And most importantly don't give up hope. Keep watering that seed until it's here. You've already seen it in your future. Now your just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. If it's one of those dreams that will eventually fade away, then don't waist your time. Have a dream and be willing to die for it. Not die for it today, but know that you would still hold on to that dream and think about it daily till your 100 years old and kicking the bucket. Because only then, when God is convinced that you're in it for the long haul, will you be rewarded with your exact dream without having to wait all those years. 

So appreciate your job. Appreciate your position. If you don't have one, meditate on it. Water that seed. You won't be without a job forever. And remember, to whom much is given much is tested. Sometimes you'll be shown, if not proven, that you cannot have your dream. It's how you respond to that that determines when and if you win or lose.
What have you got to lose. Lets say you try this. You spend a total of 1 hour a day imagining that you have the position you want. And you don't get the results you want in a month (a lot of times it takes longer than 30 days). What did you lose? You spent 1 hour a day feeling good about yourself when you would have normally felt like a failure. That in itself makes it worth while. And FYI, when your ready to give up on a dream, thats when your closest to it. The ultimate test for God to give you is to tell you "no" flat out. How will you respond. Crying, kicking, and screaming, or refusing to believe that it's not already yours. You decide. Normally this is the part where I would say "you let me know". But me and everyone around you will know your decision by looking at your circumstances. 

*True faith in your ability to manifest whatever you want into your life yields faster results. 

How to Get a Better Job