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If your working on getting a car just read over the philosophy page. The same rules apply. It may seem silly but it yields spectacular results. Proactive manifesting coupled with meditation is the only way to get what you want in this world. Whether you believe it or not, or whether you think so or not, you spend time thinking about what you want before you get it. You think about a car all day, then you see the one you want. You think about driving it, next think you know you're test driving it. After thinking it over and deciding whether it's the best decision or not, you're driving it home. Everything begins with thought. So lets skip all the footwork and How about I show you how to cheat a little lol.

Proactive manifesting: There are several techniques to proactive manifesting. But the main point is to see it as if it's already yours (Mark 11:24). Enjoy it! And feel that emotion leaving your body (3rd Law of Motion). Thinking "I appreciate my new car" or "I love my new car" will shift and twist the universe/God to do whatever he has to to make you say that same thing again. Which is give you a new car.     REMEMBER: stay away from words like can, will, soon, etc. If you say "I'll have that new car soon" or "I will have that new car one day" in order for God to make you say that again does he give you the car? NO, you'd be saying "Thank you for the new car". The car has to stay just out of reach in order for you to repeat "I'll have a new car soon". So chose your words carefully.

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