Of course one of the main topics of discussion is manifesting. Whether it be objects, lifestyles, relationships, or anything else you have to realize one thing first. You don't want that thing, you want the experience with that thing. Our experiences in life are the only thing we can take with us when we leave. There's a reason for that….
A lot of the original questions I would get would start with "How do I" so I created the "How to" tab. People were having a lot of success with manifesting the situations they wanted into their lives but with intense prolonged focus came a deeper awareness (The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets - John Lennon). In the subconscious's struggle to keep us present, and our own moral code, certain parts of "seeing it before you do it" or "Mark 11:24" become small distractions. Something like hurdles that can be leaped over, but can also be eliminated. 
So I started getting questions about the emotions that might kick in during the periods of deep focus and proactive manifesting. And those question became so many, that I was prompted to created this tab and answer them one at a time as the answers come to me.

Manifest reality...

Manifest Reality