Why do you say that God doesn't speak words, he speaks emotion?

Please understand that i'm not saying that God doesn't speak english lol smh. Words are too slow. You can think about your car right now for one second and everything you've ever thought about your car from the 1st time you thought of it till now gets calculated with everything you've ever felt about your car, then draws a conclusion that is felt by you. Then you sum it up with words for yourself, not God. Think about that. If you could spell out every single emotion and thought you've ever had about that car with words, that would be a whole lot of words. Every story about that car, the break downs, the destinations traveled, the things that happened while traveling, etc. Imagine if you could add up the words of all those stories and all those feelings. You would have millions of words. So to us it would take a few seconds to say "I like my car". But like I said before, you can't fool God. Those millions of words you have put together to formulate your opinion about that car can all be summed up very easily with one second's worth of emotions. Emotion is everything. God gives you certain feelings (gut feelings, instincts, etc.). What you do with them is up to you. 

God Speaks Emotion