Ok, real quick breaking things down to it's simplest form there are things that exist and the non existence. Everything that exist is made of energy. You, me, air, thoughts, ideas, and emotions.
This is a picture of a thought leaving your body. 

All energy is just vibrating waves. Energy coincidentally has the same scientific definition as religion gives God. By the way I don't believe in coincidence, but like luck, i'll use it to get a point across. 
I say all that to say this, God is in and part of everything the exact same way energy is. God is everything that exist. Literally.

No matter what race or religion you are we all can agree on something. We have freedom to make choices. When we pray, or ask for something in life, God (or "The Universe") deserves and should be praised for providing us with the opportunities to meet our goals. But you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. In other words, it's completely our choice to take advantage of the opportunity or let it pass us by. Every goal we've ever achieved in life, every single one, we were given an opportunity and we took it. Some opportunities we passed up out of fear or whatever but i'm talking about the one's we took and succeeded. Don't we deserve credit for that. God can put a million opportunities in front of you right now and if you let them all pass you by then what are they? Just things that could have happened. Which loosely translates to nothing! So out of this formula of opportunity given (by God) + opportunity taken (by us) who's part is really important. 

*Disclosure!!!! I know a lot of religious buffs (and my haters) are going to take these words and twist them somehow into me disrespecting God but you can't deny common since. Your boss, your spouse, anybody can open all the doors and give you all the opportunities in the world and they mean nothing unless you take them. The same goes for any opportunity given by God.

So in addition to thanking the big guy upstairs for the opportunities he/she gives you, also thank yourself for taking them. 

In my life journey lately I'm finding myself in all kind of exotic places, meeting people I never thought I could meet, and doing things that I never thought I could do outside of my imagination. And I realized something along the way. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me. But I'm more grateful that got up committed and took full advantage of them. I could have said "no" like I use to. I could have made up an excuse and told myself "next time". But I didn't. I'm grabbing life by the horns and I'm being the best Neo that I can be. And honestly, Im pretty sure I'm being rewarded for it daily with more exciting opportunities. 

*In the spirit of thoughts becoming things, me saying "Thank you God for these wonderful opportunities" then saying thank you to myself for being outgoing, open minded, and courageous, will only produce more days when I'm saying "Thank you God for these wonderful opportunities" then saying to myself thank you for being outgoing open minded and courageous and not lazy! So many of us are tired from work or the kids or whatever and we use them as excuses not to jump on certain opportunities. Don't be lazy. It's a horrible pattern forming lifestyle that's hard to break. Take it from me, I'm the king of relaxing ;-) just ask my friends and family.

So all in all, you should thank yourself as much as you thank God, if not more, for the experiences you've experienced. True without the opportunity there would be no choice to take it or not, but there's 2 sides to every coin. Without the choice the opportunity is nothing but a "what if". They are codependent on each other just like everything else and it's opposite in life. But the opportunities can keep coming every hour for years and never get chosen. The choice only comes after the opportunity and literally gives it life. That's what makes it more important.
So stop every time you look in the mirror and say "Thank you". 

*Side note: Here's something you'll notice while looking at yourself, in the mirror, and thinking the words "Thank you". Right as your saying those words you'll hear and feel the words "your welcome". Try it now! 
I'm definitely looking into that one cause you can feel it.

Give Credit Take Credit