I'm Kind of picky. I mostly order chicken parm, ribs, wings, burger and things like that from most places. But the things I have ordered and the experiences I have had, I'll share. Maybe keep you from ordering things or going places that should be avoided. 

    The kids love it and I use to as well. Their regular fries i'd give a 7 out of 10. As far as the waffle fries go, they have the right idea mixing seasoned fries (like checkers) with waffle fries like (chick-fa-la) but they're just too soggy and greasy. Their chicken parm use to be the bomb and it kept me going back there once a week with the kids, but they changed their cheese ruining it for me. Steak from here is not advised. Not unless you have a pound of A1 sauce lol. And it's hard to mess up a burger. Depending on the cook, it will either have flavor or not. 

        Friendly's Turnersville. All of the available booths had ripped seats the last time I was there! That shows you how much they care.

        Friendly's Sicklerville. B+ on service, carpet smells like sour milk. No exaggeration. Like the Shop Rite on Blackwood/Clementon Rd.

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